Where to Stay in Manele Bay, Lanai

Manele Bay is one of the most popular destinations in Lanai, the sixth largest island in all of Hawaii. Found on the southernmost tip of Lanai, Manele Bay is known to be the most sheltered of all of the island harbours. This seclusion has made Manele Bay a popular recreational spot for both the locals and visiting tourists. A number of yachts, ferries, and tour vessels are found on the harbour, especially those carrying travelers and passengers between Maui and Lanai.

Royal accommodations at the Four Season’s Resort Lanai at Manele Bay

If you’re planning a vacation in Lanai, especially in the Manele Bay area, checking in at the Four Season’s Resort Lanai at Manele Bay will give you a vacation experience you won’t forget. A luxury resort that overlooks the ocean, you can choose to explore its white sand beaches or indulge in a game of golf in one of its two world-class courses. Elevated above the island’s glorious white-sand beach, Four Season’s Resort offers an expansive view of the ocean, as well as the spectacular rock formations and red lava cliffs jutting out of the distant coastline.

The over-all theme of the resort is Asian, although there are also slight touches of traditional Hawaiian and Mediterranean styles. Cherry wood, wicker, and rattan are used for the furniture and furnishings, accented by lush and dramatic golden tones. Themed gardens envelop the resort, giving it a relaxing, sophisticated ambience.

You may choose from the 236 guest rooms at the Four Season’s Resort Lanai at Manele Bay. For the finest royal treatment, you can pick any of the 21 suites that feature an expansive 34 square meter lanai, a 46-inch LCD television, a king’s size bed, and full marble bathroom. For the standard guestrooms, you can expect the best amenities as well, which includes an entertainment center with a 40-inch LCD TV, a private bar, rattan writing desk, and high speed Internet access.

For the guestrooms and suites, you may choose from ocean front rooms or those with an ocean view, a garden view, or a garden-ocean view. The best ocean front rooms offer an open view of the Pacific Ocean, while the ocean view rooms afford a beautiful view of the Hulopoe Bay as well as its bordering coastline. The garden view rooms on the other hand, provides an overlooking view of the resort’s well-maintained, lavish gardens. Each of the guestrooms and suites has Hawaiian balconies or lanais, so you can always enjoy the ocean or garden views from your room, while reclining on plush soft-cushioned rattan furniture.

Room rates at the Four Season’s Resort Lanai at Manele Bay

Staying at the Four Season’s Resort Lanai at Manele Bay can be expensive. However, the services, amenities, and accommodations more than compensate for the high costs. Reservations can be made in advance, and exciting packages for families and honeymooners are also offered. Standard rates typically start at $300+ per night for a guestroom; however the prices can go as high as $7,000 per night if you’re taking the most expensive suite. Prices tend to vary during peak and off-peak months however, so it is best to check out the room rates well in advance before booking.

Camping at Hulopoe Beach Park

Hulopoe Beach Park is located in White Manele. According to the locals, Manele Bay is actually divided into two areas, which encompass the White Manele and Black Manele. Hulopoe Beach is located on White Manele, where a magnificent white-gold sand beach awaits sunbathers and swimmers. Since this portion of Manele Bay has a healthy marine life, where species of tropical fish find shelter in beautiful coral reefs and small underwater caves, Hulopoe Beach is also an excellent place for snorkeling.

If you’re planning a visit to Manele Bay, but don’t want to spend a fortune by staying at its famed luxury resorts, Hulopoe Beach provides the perfect budget accommodation for you. At this beach park, visitors and tourists are allowed to legally camp within designated areas around the beach, after obtaining the right permits from the Lanai Company. This gives you an unobstructed view of the Manele Bay sunset as well as the star-studded Pacific sky at night. If you have not brought along your own tents, rental tents are available upon request.

Not only is the place inexpensive but, it also offers you access to a beautiful shoreline ideal for swimming and sun bathing. Since the camping permits are good only for a period of seven days, it is best to enjoy the best of Hulopoe Beach during your camping trip. Snorkeling, surfing, and body boarding are just some of the activities you can enjoy here. Coral reef formations, tropical fishes, and magnificent underwater caverns are all waiting to be explored. If you crave for more adventures, you may participate in off shore diving activities, and discover more of the underwater beauty of Manele Bay.

The park has a total of six camp sites, so finding your own private space, whether with friends and family or with loved ones, is easy. You may pitch up tents, gather around a bonfire, or engage in group sports activities. Barbeque sites are available as well, and picnic groves are ideal for intimate or huge gatherings. Restrooms with clean running water and showers are found throughout the camp sites, for a truly comfortable outdoor Hawaiian vacation.

Vacation home rentals at Manele Bay

Those who want to stay at rental accommodations during their vacations at Manele Bay can find a selection of homes, condos, and villas for rent in the area. A rental home is perfect for travelers who want to get reasonably priced accommodations, with all the comforts of home.

Most rental villas are fully furnished, with comfortable living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, and baths. You can cook your own meals, which means you can save on food expenses while on vacation. If you want to save on your lodging expenses but don’t want to camp by the beachside, finding a villa in Manele Bay is the perfect solution for you.

Getting in touch with a rental agent can help you find the Manele Bay rental home that fits your requirements and your budget. Perhaps you might want an oceanfront villa that overlooks the stunning Pacific Ocean. You might require a rental home that can accommodate your friends and family if you’re traveling in groups. It is important to find the best possible rental accommodations that suit your unique preferences, for that Hawaiian vacation you will never forget.

Finding the right accommodations at Manele Bay

Manele Bay is frequented by travelers and tourists due to its ideal location, sunny climate, and conveniently located harbour. The white part of Manele Bay allows you to enjoy world-class golden sand beaches, luxury resorts, camping adventures, as well as a range of water activities from swimming to snorkeling to scuba diving. Black Manele affords you a stunning view of the sea cliffs off the harbour, specifically the Pali Lei no Hauni sea cliffs.

Manele Bay offers a peaceful, relaxing vacation which you can’t experience in some of the more populous islands of Hawaii. There are no nightclubs or party venues here. Manele Bay is all about relaxation and comfort, where you can sip a tropical drink watching the sunset on your private lanai, or even as you’re gazing at the stars from your camping tent.

Whether you are looking to explore the white part of Manele, or its more dramatic black side, finding the right accommodations for you and your family will help you ensure an unforgettable holiday this side of tropical Hawaii.

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