What to Do in Manele Bay, Lanai

Manele Bay, situated at the southern part of Lanai in Hawaii, is a secluded harbour that attracts many tourists and travelers per year. Expedition ferries that transport tourists from Maui to Lanai and vice-versa dock at the harbour of Manele Bay, making the area a convenient stop-over for many travelers planning to explore the rest of Lanai. Whether you are planning to stay at Manele Bay for the rest of your vacation or to spend a few nights at this side Lanai before heading off to discover the rest of the bigger island, there are many things to do and sights to see in this secluded, southern harbour.

The best thing about Manele Bay is that it is a quiet, peaceful place for a vacation. While there are no nightclubs and posh restaurants, the place has a culture and a unique Aloha spirit not found anywhere else. Those who want to experience the finest amenities and sporting activities can head off to the famed Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay. However, Manele Bay is beyond luxury, as you can always explore the rest of the area without spending a fortune. Here are the things that you can do while staying at Manele Bay.

Sporting activities at Manele Bay, Lanai

Golf and tennis

If you love playing golf during your vacation, you can check in at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay and indulge in a game on the world’s best golf courses. The golf course at this luxury resort has a spectacular backdrop, fringed by palm trees, while each hole affords the player a full view of the distant Pacific Ocean. Rental clubs as well as golf instruction are available. During winter months, migrating whales can be sighted on the Pacific, a majestic sight from the resort’s well-manicured golf course.

Tennis lovers will also appreciate the top-notch tennis facilities at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay. Three outdoor courts are available for tennis enthusiasts at the resort, while tennis equipments and outfits are offered as well. For a fee, you can also take tennis lessons, which are available in private settings or in group courses.


At Manele Bay you will find the Hulopoe Beach, famed all over the world for its spectacular fine white sand and clear, warm waters. Whether you are staying at the Four Seasons resort or renting your own Manele Bay condo, you can always enjoy swimming at the Hulopoe bay.

Snorkeling and scuba diving

Manele Bay is divided into two parts, which are the white Manele and the black Manele. The white Manele area is where Hulopoe beach is located. The rich marine life of Hulopoe beach makes it an ideal location for underwater excursions, including snorkeling and scuba diving. Here you will find rare tropical fish species, wondrous coral reef formations, and underwater caverns that bring the underwater scene of Hulopoe Beach to life. If you are checked in at the Four Seasons Resort, you may rent out snorkeling equipment, for a fee.

Hulopoe Bay is also a protected marine reserve, and with an abundance of coral reef formations and colorful marine life, this location is one of the best scuba diving spots in Lanai. Diving excursions are offered to both first-time and experienced divers, and diving gear are available for rent as well.

Surfing and body boarding

Hawaii is known as the surfing Mecca of the world and here at Manele Bay, visitors can take pleasure from exhilarating surfboarding and body boarding activities. Surfing lessons are offered at Manele Bay, where expert surfing instructors can teach you how to ride the waves in top form.

Fishing, sailing, and marine life search excursions

With the diverse marine life of Hulopoe Bay, it is not uncommon to witness spinner dolphins along its seashores, or migrating whales during the winter months. Witnessing the best of Hulopoe Bay marine life is made possible through marine life search excursions offered at the Four Seasons Resort. During idyllic weather, you can also go sailing over the placid waters of Hulopoe bay. Four Seasons Resort also offers organized deep-sea fishing activities, where you can catch some mahi mahi, yellow fin, or blue marlin.

Camping activities at Manele Bay, Lanai

Budget recreational activities are also available at Manele Bay, Lanai. If you want to enjoy the offerings of this isolated location in Lanai Island without busting your budget, why not engage in a beachside camping activity with your friends and family? Hulopoe Beach Park is a famous camping site at Manele Bay, where campers can rent a camping tent and stay at the beach park after securing the necessary permits.

Here you will be able to enjoy your own private paradise, away from the throng of tourists and beachgoers which crowd the resorts of the more populous Hawaiian Islands. Picnic sites are comfortably sheltered by trees and foliage, while barbeque sites are found scattered among the six camp sites of Hulopoe Beach Park. Comfortable facilities like restrooms and shower rooms can be found at the site, perfect for extended overnight stays or for a day spent swimming and exploring the underwater life of the harbour.

Hiking at Black Manele

Apart from white Manele, where the Hulopoe Beach is found, black Manele is one part that comprises the bigger Manele Bay. The best sights to discover at black Manele are the Pali Lei no Hauni sea cliffs. Although these cliffs provide fortification against strong winds and powerful currents, they also offer anyone a stunning vista of the Pacific Ocean. You can head to New Manele Road to view these amazing sea cliffs, where there are also picnic areas to be found, for longer and more comfortable sightseeing trips.

Explore the rest of Lanai Island

When you’re in Manele Bay, you can also take the chance to explore the rest of beautiful Lanai Island. Lanai is an irresistible combination of stunning coastlines and verdant mountain forests, giving you a vacation experience that is truly Hawaii. Tranquil, unspoiled, and enchanting Lanai offers a host of attractions to curious travelers.

The Lodge at Koele is one of the more famous resort accommodations on the island, along with the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay. The Lodge at Koele has world-class golf courses, state-of-the art fitness center with spa, tennis courts, and well-maintained stables. It also offers a total of 102 well-appointed rooms, including a suite accommodation. Mountain hunting activities are offered at the lodge, too.

Hotel Lanai on the other hand, is an intimate bed and breakfast with only eleven rooms offered to guests. If you want to experience the inland charms of Lanai, you may choose to be billeted at these hotels.

The Lanai Art Center is a haven for those who have a keen eye for art. Here you can view the amazing works of Lanai artists, which include paintings, photographs, sketches, and woodwork creations. Anyone interested in taking up art lessons are welcome here. Whether you intend to learn about traditional Hawaiian arts and crafts or pottery, private lessons can be had at the Lanai Art Center.

Lanai offers some of the best hiking trips, such as the Koloiki Ridge Hike. A 5-mile hike that allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island in seclusion, you will be afforded with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the nearer islands of Maui and Molokai. You can also shop for souvenir items at Lanai City, where souvenir boutiques are found in the area. Stylish island wear and unique gift items are just some of the merchandises you can found in downtown Lanai.

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