Manele Bay, Lanai on a Budget

Manele Bay is the place you would like to go to even if you are on a budget. It is a notable place since it has a beautiful harbor that is open to the public. If you want to get there from Maui, the public harbor is where you will first set your foot on in the island Lanai. Some beaches in Lanai are accessible only by 4-wheel drives, and for a good reason. Just a glimpse at the island will give you an idea what paradise looks like. Its seemingly endless line of white sands bordered by clear blue waters on one side and green landscape on the other makes you feel that you want to lie there forever. The place has a tropical climate and you can expect the sun to shine brightly each day. The island is surrounded by tranquil blue waters and clear skies above, making it an ideal place to relax. This is the island to go to if you want to break free from all the haste and noise of your corporate life.

If you are on a budget, Manele Bay can offer you a relaxing place to enjoy your Hawaiian cruise. At the end of the bay, you will find a white sand beach that stretches on the east side of the island. The beach might be smaller compared to the rest of the commercial beaches on the island, but it is enough to soothe your senses. It still has the tranquil, tropical aura which the island offers to its visitors. The place is also a perfect spot to explore the wonders under the Hawaiian sea. Many tourists visit the place to enjoy snorkeling. If you can be looser with your budget, you may try diving in the bay. It means additional cost but what you will see are wonders that cannot be found anywhere else.

Transportation costs

You can travel directly from Honolulu to Lanai City by taking a short flight. A plane trip price for a single person depends on the season and the airline carrier. Aside from a one-way trip ticket, you can arrange for a round trip ticket. Plane companies usually give discount for round trip and group packages. The accommodation for a cheap plane ticket is economy but the service is among the finest that you can have for that class. If you are already in Maui or Oahu, you can reach the island by taking a boat trip. You will be engaging in an enjoyable tour as you cruise your way to the bay. You can make your reservations online to know more about the exact cost of the trip. You can also find out about the details of the trip online. If you want to have more fun on your way to Manele Bay, book for a boat trip that goes around the island of Lanai. You can still enjoy an island-round cruise even if you are on a budget since trip packages are also available.

Once you get there

Most likely, the first thing that you will do when you get to Manele Bay is take pictures of just about everything around you. You cannot help it. The place is just too beautiful to miss a single detail. Everything that you will set your eyes upon will charm you. But you cannot stay on the bay for the rest of your trip. You must find a place to stay first. There is one near Manele Bay but you may not find the price easy on your budget. This means that you will have to go to Lanai City to find accommodation. You must have a place to leave your things so you can enjoy Manele Bay to the utmost. You will not find the trip exhausting as the city is only eight miles away from the beach. Rooms in luxury resorts are quite costly, considering that the island is an elite vacation place. Most of the time, the rates here are over $500 per night. Of course, you do not want to spend that much money for a single evening’s accommodation only. Fortunately, there are rooms which cost a hundred dollars or less. Usually, these rooms do not come with a meal package but that shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, you can find delectable tropical food all over the city, especially in the evening.

A shuttle is the ideal vehicle to ride from Manele Bay to Lanai. If you are on a package, the fare should no longer be a deal. However, if the case is otherwise, then you may just opt for a cab. On a cab, you can get basically anywhere in the island. Some find it more fun to rent bicycles and you can do this as well. Rates vary from one rental agency to another. You can easily inquire for the price once you get to the city.

Fun and affordable activities in Manele Bay

You will never get tired of boat trips when you are touring the Hawaiian Islands. That is why you should know about another exciting trip that you may want to have: a boat trip to Puu Pehe. Puu Pehe is just across Manele Bay, and you can even see the bay’s lone hotel when you are there. You will also be presented with a stunning view of the Hulopo’e Beach Park as you cruise your way around the huge stone wonder.

If you want to enjoy golfing, you have just gotten lucky. Manele Bay is famous for one golf course which blends the corporate sports with extreme adventure: The Challenge at Manele. For $190, you can play your heart out at one of the most challenging and ingenious golf courses in the planet.

Of course, snorkeling and diving are still some of the most popular activities in the bay. The myriads of colors hidden beneath the clear blue waters of the bay are just so enchanting. The wonders beneath the sea just never grow old. Make sure that you bring your diving suit along so you will not have to rent. It will also help if you bring all the snorkeling devices that you might need. As long as they do not cause much inconvenience, it is better to bring all that you will need to save all the money you can.

Enjoying the trip while saving money

Going to Manele and staying there naturally costs a lot. However, you can still save if you plan your trip well. Do some research before going to the island. Know the most affordable hotels to stay. Find out about some affordable dining places. The Hawaii Travel Bureau can provide you with information on how you can save on your trip.

When you are already in Lanai, you must keep in mind that everything that you pay there is greater that what you would normally pay in other places. Therefore, you must be prudent with your spending. Try to decide whether you should buy something or not. As for the car rentals, it cannot be avoided if you want to make the most of your island trip. Just be sure that you are paying for the right cars. Do not settle for the first rental company that offers you a deal. Know what is in store for you out there. You might still be able to get better prices.

Also, do not rent cars without having a plan on where to go to. It would be best to take the shuttle or a cab on your way to Manele Bay from Lanai as it is much cheaper. But should you inevitably overspend, worry about your money later; there is still a paradise to be enjoyed.

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