Getting to Lanai

Lanai is considered as one of the Hawaiian islands that are not yet tainted with modernity. Although Lanai offers conveniences that would ensure your comfort while you stay there, it is not cramped with skyscrapers, traffic jams, traffic lights, and large shopping centers that are commonly found in many cities. This island has beauty which only nature can provide--long stretches of sandy beaches, sparkling waters of the Pacific, tree-lined streets, houses graced with blooming gardens, and refreshing vast grasslands that were once pineapple plantations.

Lanai has first class hotels and resorts that would not just make your stay in the island comfortable, but also fun. The Four Seasons Resort, for instance, can make your stay enjoyable through the facilities it provides such as spas and its golf course. The place also has lots of award-winning restaurants where you can have a variety of options when dining out, from American, European, to native Hawaiian dishes.

You can also opt to explore the city center where you can feast your eyes on the historic buildings of the island, which dates back to the early 1920s when Lanai city was still a pineapple plantation town. This historic site is now threatened by commercial developement. To preserve this historic treasure, Lanai City was declared as one of the most endangered historic areas in the country.

Aside from sightseeing, you can do a lot of fun activities in Lanai such as swimming, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking. This island is also home to the popular golf-course at the Manele Bay Resort, popularly known as "The Challenge." So if you are fond of playing golf, you just need to go to the Four Seasons Resort in Manele Bay.

How to go to Lanai

To reach the exciting island of Lanai, you have various options. If you are from the mainland or from any other country, you have to fly first to Honolulu International Airport. Then, you should look for local airlines that fly to Lanai Airport. Some of these Hawaiiaan airlines that service tourists are the Island Air and the Hawaiian Airlines. Jet planes also fly to this island, but provide less frequent services for tourists compared to local airlines.

If you are coming from Lahaina in Maui, you can take a ferry boat or catamaran to Manele Harbor, which is located in the southern coast of the island. The ferry services passengers five times every day. A ferry trip will take you to Lanai from Maui within 45 minutes. You can also have a thrilling adventure if you come to Lanai from Maui through a catamaran, in which you will get a treat of getting a glimpse of spinner dolphins. You will also see the peak of Big Island's Mauna Kea, which is one of the world's best astronomical sites since ancient times. If you take a ferry boat in winter, you will have the chance to view humpback whales.

What you should bring when you go to Lanai

If you are a US citizen, you don't need a passport when you go to Lanai. Otherwise, you need to bring your passport. Aside from the important documents, you also have to prepare the luggage that you should bring on your Lanai vacation. If you are not going to attend formal parties, forget about long formal dresses; they will just eat up so much space in your luggage. You should bring a lot of casual wear instead, a light jacket for cool nights, and of course, swimwear. If you intend to engage in snorkeling activities while you are in Lanai, you can bring your own mask and fins, because they cost much if you rent them in the island. As it is hot most of the time in Lanai, you should bring sunglasses and plenty of sun block.

How to manage transportation while in Lanai

You can have a wide array of choices for transportation when you want to explore Lanai. You can take a shuttle service from Lanai Airport to the popular resorts in the island. An inter-hotel shuttle is also provided for hotel guests. But if you really want to get the chance to thoroughly explore the island, renting a car is your best choice. The Lanai City Service provides vehicles for rent from Wrangler jeeps to mini vans to four door sedans. You don't need an International Driver's License to be able to rent a car. However, your ID and passport would be very useful. You can also have a unique travel experience if you go on horseback riding. You can also rent bicycles and mountain bikes.

How to get to Hawaii without spending a fortune

Some people think that in order to experience a day in the paradise which is Hawaii, they have to spend a fortune. This may be true, what with all the airfare and accommodations that tourists need to pay for. However, there are lots of ways to avail a vacation in a Hawaiian island that won't cost you an arm and a leg. What you need to do is to plan early for your Lanai getaway. You have to start planning several months before the intended schedule for your trip.

There are various package deals offered by travel agencies online. You can look for one that would be right for your budget. Some package deals are given for discount prices, especially if the schedule for the trip is during the off season. The Internet can provide you with various options for travel agencies and agents that could help you find an excellent Lanai vacation deal for your tight budget. One good thing about talking to a travel agent is that he or she can book your plane tickets, look for a car rental and make reservations, and book your accommodations at your chosen hotel, resort, bed and breakfast, without you having to break a sweat.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, the private island of Lanai is the perfect haven for you. Going to this place will surely refresh and relax your body, and reinvigorate your spirit. Although there are no big shopping centers in Lanai, this island offers nature's bounty, enough to make your Hawaiian vacation comfortable, fun, and memorable.