Accommodations in Lanai

A Hawaiian getaway can be a vacation of a lifetime. There are so many wonderful sights to see and things to enjoy in the tropical islands of Hawaii. The best thing about a Hawaiian vacation is that you will experience diversity in culture, tradition, sights, and even in weather, that you would probably think you have gone to visit several worlds. If you visit Hawaii, you will surely feel that you have seen and experienced almost half of what the world can offer. It is in Hawaii that you will see a verdant rainforest on one side and a dry desolate desert on the other. Hawaii also abounds in warm sandy beaches, and not far from them are snow-capped mountains.

Hawaii is composed of many islands. Although most of these islands are small, they have much to offer to tourists. One of the Hawaiian islands with so much to boast is Lanai. It is the sixth largest Hawaiian island, which has a land area of 140.5 square miles. Lanai is also known as the Pineapple Island, because it served as a site for pineapple plantations in the past.

Why go to Lanai

This island has various places to boast. Its beaches, for instance, are among many tourists' favorite attractions. Who could resist its secluded beaches with their pristine sands and blue sky waters? You will just simply fall in love with the place. The most popular beach is Hulopoe Bay. Near this beach is a pool of natural lava which is said to have healing powers. If you are fond of diving, visit the Shipwreck beach. You can also go sunset viewing in the harbor of Manele Bay. The tropical woodlands are also among the best places in Lanai. You should not miss the city itself as Lanai city is a picturesque place with its colorful gardens and parks, streets lined with pines, and houses graced with blooming gardens. Lanai is an ideal place to go if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You won't find skyscrapers in Lanai. What you will find here is nature at its best. Because of this, this place is ideal for romantic vacations. It is also an excellent place to relax and enjoy nature's bounty.

Where to stay in Lanai

Staying in Lanai to explore its beauty is not a problem. Although Lanai is a city which takes pride on its rustic charm, there are still many conveniences in this place to make you comfortable during your stay. Lanai offers various types of accommodations that would suit your taste and budget. Below are some types of accommodations based on the amenities and luxury facilities they offer.

Luxurious accommodations

The Manele Bay Hotel is one of the most popular places to stay in Lanai. What makes this hotel very popular is that it is overlooking the Hulopoe Beach, which is famous for its pool of lava. The hotel is U-shaped and is sitting on a hillside. Because of its location, you can have a perfect view of the white sands of the beach when you stay in this hotel. The Manele Bay Hotel received the Conde Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards in November 2003, is ranked number 5 in the Top 20 Pacific Rim Resorts, and is ranked 18 in The World's Best Awards for travel and leisure.

The hotel has an English theme which is evident in its open airy rooms, a bit formal atmosphere, and well-manicured gardens. Tourists flock in this place not just because of the panorama, but also because they can have an access to the popular professional golf course named The Challenge if they stay here. This hotel has more than 200 rooms and 26 suites. These rooms are larger than the rooms in many hotels. Marble baths, a private balcony, and spa are among the best facilities in this hotel. The suites come with a full time butler. The restaurant here is also recognized by the Gourmet magazine as one of the Readers' Top Ten Tables in Hawaii. So if you have money to spare, try to book accommodations at this hotel and you will surely feel like royalty while you are on vacation.

You will also find high-class accommodations in Lodge at Koele. This lodge resembles an English country estate with its natural stone fireplaces and large-scale furnishings. The lodge offers a scenic overlooking view of hillside gardens. This place is found several miles from the city proper. The lodge is also recognized as one of the Top 20 Pacific Rim Resorts by Conde Nast Traverler Readers' Choice Awards.

Moderately priced accommodations

There are also accommodations in Lanai that can give you comfort for a moderate price. The Hotel Lanai, for instance, is an example. This is located at the heart of the city. Although the rooms here are smaller than those found in luxurious hotels and resorts, they are enough to make you feel comfortably at home. The best thing about this hotel is that it has a veranda where you can have the chance to meet other visitors. This establishment was built in the 1920s by James Dole. It was originally intended as lodging for the executives of Dole Plantation. Hotel Lanai boasts an in-house restaurant, the Lanai City Grille. This restaurant takes pride in its cuisine that characterizes the island through the vibrancy of its flavors and colors.

Budget accommodations

If you are on a budget, you can still have comfortable accommodations through bed and breakfasts. You can opt to stay in Hale Moe, for instance. This B&B offers three rooms. Here you can use the entertainment unit and deck for free. Another accommodation for your tight budget is the Hale O Lanai, which is a two-bedroom rental house. There is also the Apo's House just a block away from the city. If you are going to bring your family, this place is ideal because it has three rooms and two bathrooms.

Camp sites

If staying at inns or hotels isn't your preference and you want to commune with nature up close, you can camp out and sleep under the stars. There is only one place wherein campers are allowed to set up their tents, which is at the Hulopoe Beach Park. Because Lanai is a privately owned island, you would have to contact Castle and Cooke Resorts for information on camping sites and permits. Enjoy the best of nature without leaving basic comforts behind through the camping park's various facilities such as picnic tables, BBQ areas, restrooms, and showers.

Aside from the establishments mentioned above, there are still a lot of accommodation options you will find in this small yet rich island of Lanai.

Tips when booking accommodations in Lanai

As Lanai is a wonderful tourist destination, you can expect tourists to flock to this island. To ensure that you have a place where you can stay upon your arrival, you should look for your accommodations in advance and make reservations. The Internet is the best place to look and book for accommodations. Usually, the different establishments have their own websites where you can get their contact information.

Before you do advance booking, you should ensure that the the room is right for your budget. Most websites of hotels and inns can take you for a virtual tour. Some can also provide you with photos of the establishment and the surrounding attractions. Try to read online reviews of various accommodation options in Lanai that were posted by previous travelers or visitors. These could help you decide which is the best place to stay at on your Lanai vacation. To make transportation easier, opt for accommodations that are near the tourist spots and attractions you wish to visit while exploring the wonders of Lanai.

Where to eat in Lanai

Having selected your accommodations, it is now time to know the establishments that can offer you the best cuisine in the island. Although many accommodations have their own restaurants or offer cooking equipment, it is still an advantage if you know a lot of excellent restaurants. There are various restaurants in Lanai. Some of them are part of hotels and resorts, and there are some that are independent establishments. Some restaurants serve a variety of cuisine and there are also those that specialize only in one cuisine.

For American dishes, one of the best restaurants is Henry Clay's Rotisserie. The establishment serves country dishes featuring fresh meats and sea food. The appetizers and entrees here have regional, international, and Cajun influences. Another popular dining establishment in Lanai city is Pele's Other Garden with its relaxing and inviting ambiance. Among the dishes served here are pizza, sandwiches, and salads. This diner becomes an Italian Bistro at night with its pastas, salads, and other mouth-watering Italian dishes.

You can also make reservations in some of these restaurants. You can do this through phone or email. Its best to make early reservations because there are always a lot of people who go to these places. In many of these restaurants, casual wear is fine. However, some high-end restaurants may require you to dress formally.