Things to do

Think fun. Think adventure. Think Hawaii! Offering a great range of things to do, Hawaii is sure to have something that will please everybody. Universally known to be one of the most striking places in existence, it's not enough to just to soak in the beauty so why not make the most of your time by filling it in with fun-filled adventures? Choose from something as simple as a massage, a stroll along the beach and playing golf to something extreme such as surfing giant waves, parasailing and jet skiing. Enjoy the brilliance of the country with a fun activity that's suitable to your needs and taste – trust Hawaii, it has it all! There is nothing too simple or too outrageous. Don't forget to research your trip early and to book as quickly as possible as Hawaii is a popular place and is easily booked out. The following list presents the best of what Hawaii has to offer.

Things To Do At The Hawaii Islands

Golf Courses

If you are looking for a challenging golf course, why not try the Golf Mauna Lani Resort in Honolulu, Oahu? With great views of the Pacific Ocean, this demanding course is built on a lava bed. The 280 acre course features forests, rolling terrain and is set among the cliffs of Ko'Olau. And if you're not in Oahu, remember that there are over 80 courses in Hawaii with different landscapes varying from rainforests to beaches to sea cliffs and the classic green fairways. Prominent golf architects have sculpted amazing courses in Hawaii that are enhanced by the islands' ideal conditions. Now take your pick!


Renowned for its volcanoes, it's a must to see Hawaii and her monstrous mountains. The Big Island of Hawaii is home to the Volcanoes National Park, featuring active volcanoes. Choose to see the fire pits, craters and spitting lava up close by either riding, biking, hiking or flying. On the south eastern tip lies the active Kilauea Volcano and is one of the biggest tourist attractions on the Big Island . It is an interesting experience as you venture into emitting stream, lava tubes and witness fresh land being formed and ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs.

Dolphin Watching

Go on either a whale or dolphin watching tour. In some tours, you can even go swimming with the dolphins. The boats will take you out into the Pacific Ocean where you can witness whales mating and frolicking – their greatness will amaze you. Most boat tours usually provide snacks and drinks to make your trip comfortable. And if you're lucky, you will see not only whales and dolphins, but other sea creatures too!

Known to be one of the friendliest and intelligent creatures in the world, dolphinsare a great source of happiness. There are several places in Hawaii where you can choose to either go dolphin watching or actually interact with them. The guides have been trained to know everything about dolphins' lifestyle and habitat so feel free to ask questions. Depending on where you are, you can go sailing to them, feed them in the ocean or at a park and even snorkel with them. Interacting with dolphins first hand is an enjoyable activity for all and children in particular, love them.

Helicopter Rides

If you truly want to see Hawaii in its entire splendor, take a helicopter ride! You will be besieged by the natural beauty and breath taking landscape. Grand mountains, lush tropical rainforest, active volcanoes, stunning beaches ? the list goes on!

Roberts Hawaii is a full service transportation and activity company that delivers first class transportation, personalized sightseeing tours and excursions. Their service extends to the four major islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii's Big Island. For more information, click here.

Shark And StingRay Encounters

If dolphins are a little too ordinary and dull for you, why not be exhilarated by the fearful shark and ray? These marine animals evoke both excitement and fear as you encounter them. You will begin to realize that they are simply misunderstood and stigmatized. The best places to do this are either in Oahu or Big Island . All shark encounters are done in a steel cage or watched from the safety of the boat while rays are usually done intimately in the water. You will be guided on shark and ray tours with the knowledge that you are protected by professionals who take all precautions to ensure your safety.

Pearl Harbor Tour

For a taste of history that is not only glorious, but also tragic, go on a Pearl Harbor Tour.Visit the seaport and actual sites were the events occurred. You can even see the USS Arizona where she still lies in her resting place. The museum features displays, actual artifacts and video presentations that allow you to truly relive this event. It is one of Oahu 's most popular tourist destinations and is an unforgettable attraction.

Jet Skiing

Available on all the islands, jet skiing is an exciting experience that will quench your thirst for thrill. You don't have to be experienced; Hawaii has great instructors to teach you how to ride! A great activity for all, whether you're with your family, lover or friends, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Zip through azure blue water as you pass the nearby beach that's fringed with classic palm trees. You will be completely safe with safe and strong equipment. Most water sports and resorts have jet skis, so just ask your hotel.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Get plastic surgery in Hawaii. In case you didn't know, Hawaii is a major destination for cosmetic surgery procedures. A simple keyword search would yield several pages of cosmetic surgery clinics all based in Hawaii. Though surgeons on the Big Island, Honolulu, Kauai and Maui offer prices that are more expensive than other medical tourism destinations, you get the priceless benefit of First World medical service in a paradise setting.

Horse Back Riding

What better way to appreciate Hawaii's beauty then by horse back? Choose from a variety of options from a leisurely ride, quick trail ride, moon light rides, romantic rides and even waterfall rides! Picture yourself in a tranquil environment as you sit serenely on a magnificent, gentle horse. In most cases, you will be accompanied by a professional rider and guide who will show you the best spots to visit and to ensure your safety. Whether you're alone, in a couple, or in a group, you will have a lovely time.

Scuba Diving

No matter where you choose to go scuba diving in Hawaii you will see some mesmerizing sights and interesting sea creatures. You can scuba dive anywhere in Hawaii and will have the opportunity to see turtles, manta rays, sharks, dolphins and more! The warm weather is perfect for the water. You will feel safe and be brought to idyllic spots by your experienced guide. The best places to scuba dive are Oahu and Maui – nevertheless wherever you choose will be a hotspot!

Romantic Dinner Cruise

If you are looking for a way to make your partner feel special, why not take your loved one on a romantic dinner cruise? The Star of Honolulu is a modern, luxurious cruise ship that is the largest cruise in the islands. Oozing elegance, it leaves at sunset and goes onto night, so you can share a romantic dinner that consists of a five or seven course meal, depending on which package you choose. The live entertainment is dancers and a band. This charming cruise is highly recommended for couples.

Night Life Entertainment

Hawaii has a great night life with many night clubs, productions and live entertainment that include cirque performances, illusion acts, plays, music and dance. This impressive range comprises of shows such as Cirque Hawaii , Magic of Polynesia, Gathering of the Kings, Kupanaha Maui Magic Show and much more! Come and enjoy yourself with evening entertainment which will add flavor and zing in your vacation!

Submarine Tours

Don't want to go snorkeling, scuba diving or in a glass water boat to discover Hawaii 's waters? Want to try something different? Have the pleasure of staying dry in a submarine that's pressurized and air conditioned while you plunge into the ocean. Submarines are located in Oahu, Maui and Big Island and are a great opportunity for families, especially if you have little ones. Most have packages that include entertainment and meals after. Take the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular underwater journey now!

Kayaking Tours

The azure waters of Hawaii will entice you to go kayaking, even if you aren't that experienced. Easy to handle, kayaks are great to get up close and personal. You can choose to do a variety of things from venturing into island rivers or paddling further out to see whales or dolphins. Perhaps just simply visit a sea cave or go out to an intimate snorkeling location. Whatever you do, kayaks are fantastic for experiencing Hawaii.

Go Parasailing

Over at Oahu, Big Island or Maui where you will experience the ultimate thrill! As you are safely harnessed to a parachute, you are towed by a boat that's speeding to give you flight. Go with loved ones who can watch you from below on the boat! Its good fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Hummer Lost and Off Road

Based in Oahu , the Hummer Lost and Off Road Movie Set Tour is located on Kualoa Ranch. It is the most popular filming location in Hawaii and is ranch that is committed to maintaining and protecting Hawaii . A tour that exclusively allows you to visit TV and film locations as well as private valleys, it is a fun adventure that maneuvers through remote streams, barges up hills and take on jagged terrain.

Mount Mauna

Based on Big Island, is the world's tallest volcano and Hawaii's tallest mountain. It is an intriguing experience as you watch the sunset, enjoy some drinks and have a meal. When you are on the summit, the breath taking views are unforgettable. You can look at the stars through the telescope afterwards and yummy treats are provided to further add to your enjoyment. As you admire the magnificence of the Hawaiian sky and stand on the tallest volcano on earth, you will truly be in awe of the greatness of this universe.


Hawaii has been blessed with many great snorkelinglocations, but the best being off the island of Molokini. It is a marine preserve, just south of Maui and is only accessible by boat. It has such clear water that on most days, you can see from up to 200 feet! There is an abundance of spectacular sea creatures and fish. Even if you aren't a competent swimmer, most of the boats have glass bottoms and floatation devices to assist you. If you are in Lanai, go to the Cathedrals, a fascinating dive site that has an underwater cave that illuminates. Explore the waters of Hawaii now!


If you want to go snorkeling as well as sailing, then you're in luck. Hawaii has a variety of vessels from catamarans to yachts to luxury boats where you can sail across the immaculate sapphire ocean to a perfect spot to go snorkeling. Enjoy a few drinks and meals onboard as you soak in the sea and sky.

Maui's Haleakala Mountain

One of the largest mountains in the world. Standing more than 3000 feet above sea level, it is an inactive volcano occupied of volcanic rock that also lies about 20 000 feet under water. The surrounding park spreads across 27 000 acres of land. It is a national park that maintains the livelihood of animals and flora and fauna. Visible from miles away, you can visit the dense mountain that boasts a crater that is 3000 feet deep. Visiting this mountain evokes personal emotions and is inspiring to watch. Choose to either go by foot or better yet, ride a bike during sunset or sunrise to truly see its magnificence. There are also vacation cottage, bed and breakfast inn called the Hula Inn which can provide you with accommodation and hospitality

Waimea Canyon

Known as either the Grand Canyon of the Pacific or Waimea Canyon, this canyon dominates the western part of Kauai. One mile wide, ten miles long and over 3500 feet in depth, the spectacular coloring of the inner walls and the views from the roadside is truly breath taking. To further better this experience, the play of the sun's glow and shade during the day on the multicolored striated levels of rock is simply astonishing. Visitors are known to become speechless as they witness God's work at its best. Take your family and loved ones to see this natural phenomenon.

Polynesian Luau

It's not Hawaii if you don't experience a traditional Polynesian Luau! A Luau is an island-style celebration where the women wear grass skirts and coconut bras, men wear face paint and fire dancing is involved. Traditional music is played and the entire event encompasses style, color, dance and history to showcase the cultures and traditions of Polynesia. You also have the opportunity to eat traditional food. Luaus are a great way to get introduced to the food and culture of Hawaii so don't miss out!


If you are passionate about surfing, then Waima Bay, Oahu, is your ideal spot to take on those gruesome waves! Meet some fantastic people and eat great food as you take on the adventure. Every year, Waima Bay hosts the Quicksilver Eddie Aiakau Invitational, which is a big wave contest. Surfing is a norm in Hawaiian culture with many popular surfing destinations located all over the islands.


In Molokai, the famous Belgian priest Father Damien built some amazing churches that are interesting to visit. There is also a human sacrifice temple called Ili Iliopae Heiau that is slightly ghastly, but more fascinating than anything. Quite a few tourists visit the churches and the temple so be sure to go when it's not tourist season.

Beauty Spas

For your perfect Hawaiian vacation, take a trip to one of many of Hawaii's day beauty spas. Offering the usual indulgences of pedicures, manicures, hot stones, a variety of massages, facials and lots more, it will be a perfect end to an adventurous day. There is nothing more enjoyable than having a busy day, then rejuvenating yourself with a spa treatment, followed by a cocktail by the pool. Most spas have indoor and outdoor areas so you can choose to have a treatment underneath swaying palm trees at the beach or in an air-conditioned room indoors with soft guitar music playing in the background. Either way, it will be well worth it!

Sunset Cruise

On the main islands, most docks have a choice of shipping vessels from small yachts to luxury cruise ships that will take you on a sunset cruise. Each are equipped with facilities and amenities to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Have a classical mai tai and eat delightful snacks while cruising along the beautiful blue ocean. Admire the natural beauty that Hawaii is extremely blessed to have while watching the sun set romantically into the sea. A sunset cruise allows you to take full stock of Hawaii at its best with the sunset, starry night and great landscape.