Discover Hawaii

If you had to choose one set of islands above all else, how could you go past Hawaii. Isolation and evolution have combined to create a unique place born atop of mountains protruding from the sea floor.

Hawaii is the premier tourist destination of the world!

Hawaii is known throughout the world for its magnificent ecosystems and unique plant and animal species. Miles of fragile coral reefs teem with tropical fish and ancient marine life. The world's most active volcano releases molten lava into the sea. It has snow atop of mountains, it has rainforest, it has beautiful beaches with black sand, white and red sand. Barren lavascapes, volcanoes, lush fertile fields, Hawaii has something for everyone and so much to see and do that you best be well prepared in advance to make the most out of your visit to Hawaii.

Best time to go to Hawaii? :

The busiest period is winter, which is Dec - Feb. So if you wish to escape from the cold, then it's best to go then as the weather is nice and warm. Accommodation prices are at its lowest between Apr - May and Oct - Nov, therefore if you are on a budget and wanting to visit Hawaii when it's not busy, that is the best period to go.

Is Hawaii A State of the United States?

It is an archipelago of islands southwest of the US in the Pacific Ocean. The islands are spread across nearly 2500km of sea. There are eight main islands called Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui and The Island of Hawaii.

The capital is Honolulu , which is also the largest city and is based in Oahu. The main languages are English and Hawaiian. With a large diversity of ethnicities with a major percentage of Asian Americans and mixed race people, most Hawaiians are bilingual.

Hawaii is a very interesting place for many reasons. Firstly, it is the only US state that has a royal palace and all the islands were actually formed by hot spots, which are volcanoes erupting in the sea floor.

Hawaii is also the only state that is surrounded completely by water and is not physically located in North America. Basically, it is one of only two states that do not share a border with any other US state and that are outside the contiguous US. Another interesting fact is that due to active lava flows, Hawaii continuously grows in area.

Even years of tourism has not managed to steal away the magic of Hawaii. With many islands that are diverse from each other as there are multiple ethnicities, both will fascinate you and fill you with love. A beautiful country renowned for its landscape and friendly peopleand accommodation ranging from 5 star resorts to self contained holiday villas, Hawaii is a great place to visit.

The name itself summons up image of sipping a pina coloda on a beach with crystal blue water and endless white sands. With an abundance of things to do, places to visit and great food to eat, you will not be disappointed! Come and explore Hawaii!.

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