How to Get to Manele Bay, Lanai

Manele Bay is a stunning paradox crafted by the unseen hands of nature. The island is where you can have the best of both rugged mountains and clear blue beach waters. A view from the air will reveal to you the vast green forestry and grass planes which cover much of the island. Between the blue waters and the white shores are sea foams which define the boundary between land and sea. Much of the coastline in Manele Bay is covered by sharp rocks and sands. However, this does not render the place less beautiful. The short strip of public beach along the bay is all that you will need to experience paradise for free. There you can lie on the sand while the cool Hawaiian breeze gently passes by. There are also several public places in the bay where you can meet interesting tourists. The Manele Sitting room is where you will meet some of the nicest tourists you will ever come across. You will surely experiences all these thrills and wonders once you get to Manele Bay. Now all you have to know is how to get there.

From Honolulu via plane

There are several means to get to Manele Bay. All this depends on where your starting point is. If your starting point is the island of Honolulu, you can travel through a 40-seater plane operated by a company called Island Air. Their plane will land you in the City of Lanai where a small airport is located. Flights are scheduled every two or three hours so it is best to know the schedules first as you do not want to spend time waiting at the airport. There are also other plane companies that you can fly with. One is Go! Express. They offer discount packages just like Pacific Wings. Pacific Wings is another airline company that can take you to Lanai at low costs.

Whichever plane you will take, you will be landing at Puuwai Basin. The trip between Honolulu and Lanai usually takes 30 minutes. When you are already there, you can find a shuttle which will take you to the City of Lanai. Puuwai Basin is not far from the city so you should expect your trip to be just about ten minutes. From the city, you can start your trip to Manele Bay at whatever transportation that you prefer. You can rent motorbikes or ATVs or a car. You can also take a taxi from there should you prefer that. The bay is just eight miles from the city so you do not have to worry about a long trip. If you go directly from Puuwai Basin to Manele Bay, the trip will take you approximately 25 minutes.

Hopping from Maui

If you are in Maui, you can reach Lanai in about 45 minutes through a ferryboat. Less than $30 is all that you will need to cross the channel which stretches 9 miles between Maui and Lanai. You will arrive directly at Manele Bay, a popular tourist spot that's well-known in the entire island. When the sea conditions are not fair, your trip to Lanai may take an hour or more.

Going around the island

Manele Bay is an enchanting place where you can snorkel your way to discovering the undersea wonders of Hawaii. It is a piece of paradise whose memories you will take home with pleasure. If you want to see more places other than the bay, you can go around the island through a jeep. There are rugged plains which can provide you with the Lanai brand of off-road adventure. Enjoy whatever sight and pleasures you can find in the island as you will find nothing like them in other places.

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