What to Do in Lihue, Kauai

Lihue has a lot of fun activities to offer its visitors. Being the county seat for Kauai, you can find in Lihue different centers for culture and history, and several places where people can enjoy nature adventures and trips. Aside from those, Lihue also have its own set of beaches where one can bring the family to. Golf courses are also accessible from Lihue. And for modern establishments and amenities, Lihue also has a good list of restaurants and resorts that give guests a wide variety in food and services. So, there’s no time to be bored in Lihue. When in Lihue, be sure to discover all that the district has to offer for a more memorable trip and a great Hawaiian experience.


As for the beach, Lihue has many of them for you to choose from. If you want white sands, you can check out the Kalapaki Beach. Aside from swimming and just lounging on its beaches, you can also go sailing on the beach. Another thing that might interest you is the beach’s proximity to the Kauai Lagoons, where you can find freshwater lagoons and the local wildlife. If you want to see the ships passing through the Nawiliwili Harbor, you can swim or just stroll along the Ninini Beach. And for a fun family time on the beach, you can head over to the Niumalu Beach Park. Aside from swimming on its beach, you can also find picnic tables, showers, and restrooms in the park. And if you want to stay overnight outdoors, you can also camp out on the park grounds. Just be sure to get the necessary permits first. Other popular activities in the beach park are sail boarding and kayaking up the river. You can also head on over to the Hanamaulu Beach Park which also offers the same amenities as Niumalu. This place is great for family picnics and barbecue on the beach.

Nature trips and trails

One of the nature adventures you can experience Lihue is kayaking. You can kayak up the river of Wailua from the Lydgate State Park, or to the Huleia River from the Huleia National Wildlife Refuge. Aside from kayaking, you can also see the local flora and fauna, including migratory and local birds in Lihue. This is also a great place to just walk and hike in the park to see the different natural scenes and images in Lihue. And for some scenic views of nature, you can take a ferry to the Fern Grotto to see the fern covered cave, which is also a popular wedding spot. Aside from that, you can also drive yourself to see the majestic Wailua Falls. Make sure you bring your camera to capture the natural beauty of the falls in film, whether digital or celluloid.


For golfing in Lihue, you just need to head over to the Kauai Lagoons Golf Club. This golf course features 18 holes that are designed by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. The course features links and scenic holes, along with the well-designed and challenging slopes. The golf course is also perfect for golfing skills of any level. So, there is no problem when it comes to golfing in Lihue as you have one good golf course to play on.

History and culture

And of course, any vacation won’t be complete without being exposed to the local history and culture. As such, the district of Lihue, Kauai is no different. The great thing about Lihue is that you have several locations where you can get all the history and culture that you want. If you don’t want to go far, you can just visit the Kauai Museum to see artifacts, exhibits, and images of past eras, from the ancient Hawaiian kingdom, to the arrival of the missionaries, plantations, and to Hawaii’s current status as a state in the US. Speaking of plantations, you should head to the Grove Farm Homestead to see the sugar plantation that was once the chief economic force in Kauai. For more hands-on and personal encounter with the local history, you can visit the local ancient temples and other historical points of interest in Lihue. You can go to the Hikina Akala Heiau, or visit the other temples along the Niumalu Harbor. You can also visit the Pohaku Ho'ohanau where Hawaiian nobility gave birth to their children according to religion and tradition. As the tradition goes, noblemen are not noble if they’re not born in Pohaku Ho'ohanau. You can also check out the Hauola Place of Refuge where people who broke taboo and defeated warriors go to get protection from persecution. You can also visit the Menehune or Alekoko Fishpond to see the fishpond created by the legendary people of Menehune. There you can see the artistry and expertise of the legendary Menehune people in waterworks and stoneworks.

Shopping and dining

And of course, with every vacation, shopping for souvenirs is a must. For that, you can find several establishments and shops in Lihue that offers local goods, art, and other locally made products that would make as great souvenirs. You just need to go to the center of Lihue to find several shops waiting for you. You can also look to the harbors for other places that sell souvenir items. Aside from the quintessential aloha shirt, you can also look at Sunrise papayas, coffee, and Kukui guava jams, which are just some suggested souvenirs. You can also look for handicrafts and jewelry among the stores.

For dining, you have a lot of restaurants in Lihue. From the luxury restaurants of the Hilton and Marriott, to the local establishments that offer local food and cuisine, you have a variety of options in Lihue. And since Hawaii is a multi-cultural area, you can find a good mix of different cuisine from the various cultures that came during the plantation era. So you can find Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Filipino cuisine in the island of Kauai. Not only that, you can also find known fast food brands in Lihue.

For the nightlife, you can find several bars and restaurants in Lihue. These bars have different themes, and some of them offer free entertainment such as hula and fire dances. You can also listen to Hawaiian music performed live by locals for an added experience of the local culture. Some of the restaurants have a great view of the ocean, while some also offer poolside venues.

Events and visiting other places

Also, you should look at the local event calendar for some of the events and festivals in the island and in Lihue. Aside from that, since Kauai can be easily explored on land, you should take the time to visit the other areas and districts of Kauai. You can drive west for the Napali coast, or drive east for whale and dolphin watching. If you need more golfing action, you can head up north for the Prince and Makai Golf Courses. There are lots more things to do in Kauai.

Fun-filled Lihue

As you can see, there are lots to do in Lihue. Whether you want to see the ocean and the beach, or go inland to discover the local nature and wildlife, you can certainly do those in Lihue. And for other travel essentials, such as history, shopping, and dining, Lihue has everything taken care of. And with Lihue’s proximity to other districts and the airport, it can easily serve as a base from which you can explore the other areas in Kauai and even Hawaii in general. So, there really is no time to be bored in Lihue.

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