Lihue, Kauai on a Budget

Though Kauai and Lihue are some of the best vacation spots in the world, being one of the best does not mean that you would have to pay high prices, and spend a lot just to have a fun and memorable time in Lihue. Actually, you can still have a great time even in a shoestring budget. This just shows that not everything good in life comes with a high price tag. A proof of that is Lihue, Kauai.

Planning your trip

As with most vacations, you should plan well and plan ahead. By doing so, you should be able to find the best deals for a Lihue trip. You can find different travel packages being offered to visitors, and the best ones are those that offer everything in the package: the flight, the rental car, and the accommodation. Depending on the travel agent and travel company, you can also get guided tours along the tourist destinations in Lihue and Kauai. The best thing to do is compare the different packages and find the best one that suits your travel needs and preferences at the price that you’re willing to pay.

Doing this is made easier through the Internet. Since there are lots of information to be found online about travelling to Lihue and Hawaii, you can easily compare the different packages. Also, since the Internet is the new marketplace, you can sometimes find better deals when you make your reservations and travel arrangements online.

Another suggestion is to look at the travel publications that you find in airports as these usually have discount coupons for different establishments, so you can use them during your trip. Another tip is to look for events and festivals in Lihue and time your travel date on that event. Usually, you can find several deals during those times and get some discounts and savings.

And if you’re planning to go camping to really save up on your accommodations, it’s essential that you plan your trip at least a year ahead to secure the necessary permits for camping. Lihue and Kauai authorities are quite strict on camping regulations and illegal camping is strictly prohibited. But once you have the permits, then you can use the camping grounds on state and county parks without trouble.

Getting around

The best way to get around Lihue would be through a rental car. As mentioned earlier, you can save more if you take advantage of the package deals offered by airlines and travel companies. Aside from the cost, the convenience of having your own vehicle to drive around Lihue is more than enough reason to use a rental car. Aside from getting around in Lihue, a rental car also allows you to explore and discover the whole island of Kauai.

The other option for you would be to take the bus in Lihue. There is a local bus line in Kauai, and the fare is cheap. The advantage is the cost, and you can get a bit of the local culture. The disadvantage is that the route is limited and the availability of the buses is not as accessible as having your own car.

Places to go and activities

As for Lihue, there are lots of places that you can enjoy without spending a lot of money. The places of interest in Lihue don’t cost much, and you can certainly have a fun time even in a limited budget.

First, the beaches in Lihue are public beaches, so everyone’s free to swim, sunbathe, and stroll along the shore. Some beaches also have facilities for picnics and barbeques, such as the Lydgate State Park and the Niumalu Beach Park. These parks also have playgrounds for the children to play in. Aside from those, you can also use these parks as accommodations as these have camping grounds and shower rooms for visitors to use.

You can also explore and discover the local environment and wildlife in Kauai by going to the Huleia National Wildlife Refuge. There you can see the different flora and fauna that makes Kauai their home, and also see the natural beauty of Kauai’s jungles and plant life. Another nature activity that you can do is go kayaking in either the Wailua or Huleia River. You can also bring the family to see the captivating Wailua Falls, and Fern Grotto.

There are several historical and cultural places that you can visit without spending much. The first one to visit would be the Kauai Museum in Lihue. The museum contains exhibits, photos, and artifacts about the culture and history of Kauai. You can bring the kids along for an educational tour of Kauai. Aside from that, you get to see what Kauai is all about in just a single location.

You can also visit the different local temples in Lihue. One of the temples to visit is the Hikina Akala Heiau near the Lydgate State Park, and other temples in the area found in Niumalu Harbor. And since we’re in the subject of culture and history, you should also see the stones of Pohaku Ho'ohanau where the Hawaiian nobilities of old were born. To see what it was like during the plantation heydays, you can also head over to the Grove Farm to see the old sugar plantations and buildings. You can also see photos and other artifacts left behind in the plantation.

Food and shopping

For food, you don’t need to eat at fancy restaurants to get your fill of Lihue. There are affordable meals available in Lihue so you don’t need to stretch your budget for food. For one, you can order the plate lunch in Lihue for an affordable, yet very filling meal. You can also try local delicacies like saimin, a noodle soup with a choice of different toppings. Most of the restaurants and dining places in Lihue and Kauai have their menus displayed outside by the entrance, so you can look at the prices before entering. You can also look at cafes and coffee shops for light and affordable sandwiches with local brewed coffee.

And depending on your accommodation, you can just cook your own food. You can go to the local market to buy fresh food and cook and prepare them on your own. If your accommodation includes a kitchen, or if you’re camping out and the camping grounds have grills, then you can just have a barbecue or prepare your own meals.

There are also lots of bargain shops in Lihue, so shopping for souvenirs should not cost you that much. You can find local artwork, handicrafts, and jewelries for your souvenir suggestions. You can also find Sunrise papaya, guava jams, and coffee as some souvenir gifts.

Lihue on a budget

So, there really is no reason to blow big bucks for your stay in Lihue. There are lots of affordable ways to have fun and get memorable vacation in Lihue. Whether you want to go to the beach, see some local history and culture, or enjoy the great view of the natural surroundings, there are economical options in Lihue for your trip. But even if that is the case, the best way to really save is to plan your trip well. This is so that you can estimate more accurately your spending for the trip and maximize the budget the you have for it. But you don’t need to rack your head that much with all of the computations; Lihue is very much tourist-friendly, not just in the list of its offerings, but also with their prices.

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