East Kauai

Kauai’s East Side, known as the "Coconut Coast,” is a magical region filled with history and culture. The landscape is filled with coconut trees and it is here that the coconut grove comes to life. Kauai is a very popular tourist destination because of its abounding natural beauty and exciting activities. It’s a good idea to book your tour and vacation plans several weeks before to craft that perfect Kauai Vacation.

East Kauai awaits you with its long list of fun and exciting activities, adventures, and escapades. Book your tour and vacation plan several weeks before to ensure a perfect Kauai vacation. Here is a list of the perfect places you can explore while on vacation in East Kauai, as this area also serves as a gateway to attractions in nearby regions.

Sleeping Giant

Explore the natural wonders of the Coconut Coast and be amazed with the "Sleeping Giant," also known as Nounou Mountain. This spectacular mountain is famous for its shape, which looks like a giant slumbering away in Kauai's green eastern side. Legend has it that a giant pestered the village with his huge appetite, making the villagers think of a way to trick the giant and make him sleep.

Bell Stone

Another tourist attraction you should explore when in East Kaui is the Bell Stone. This historical landmark is a reddish stone that produces a unique sound when struck. In ancient times, the birth of a royalty was announced by striking the bell stone. Set against East Kauai's rich landscape, this place offers plenty of photo opportunities.

Fern Grotto

Take that cruise going up to the historic and sacred Wailua River to a lava rock grotto embedded with tropical ferns, and be serenaded by a group of Hawaiian musicians playing traditional Hawaiian songs. The boats found on the south side of the river leave every 30 minutes, and takes about 40 minutes to travel. On the way to Fern Grotto, you get to take all the pictures you want, with you and your loved ones posing behind the grasslands, and with Mt. Waialeale displayed in the background. Remember, cruise boats and kayak rentals are located on the south side of the Wailua River before crossing the bridge.


A blessed and significant place highlighted by the Wailua River, this is a river on the island of Kauai. It begins at the crater and is the only river where ferries and boats larger than kayaks can navigate in the Hawaiian Islands. It is a very busy place for the locals and visitors, as it is the center for boat tours to Fern Grotto, kayaking, and water skiing activities. Don’t fail to visit this spot and when you go there, and make sure you take advantage of all it has to offer.

Wailua River State Park

It is in this park where you will find the popularly known Lydgate Park, which also showcases several archeological sites, being around since 800 A.D. This place is perfect for snorkeling activities in the beach. There's also a picnic grove along the rock lagoons where families and kids may swim safely.

Lydgate State Park

Located on the east shore of Kauai, this park is where Hikina Akala (the rising sun) Heiau is situated, which is an ancient temple right at the north end of the beach. If you traveled to Kauai with your family, or if you are still an amateur swimmer, and you badly want to take a plunge into the waters, you can swim here without having to worry too much about your kids because there are lifeguards roaming around the beaches. This is the perfect place if you want a family-friendly destination in this part of Kauai.

Wailua Falls

This is a must-see waterfall in Wailua River State Park, with its majestic 80-foot tiered waterfall. During Wailua Falls’ normal flows, it is such a beautiful sight to see the waters dropping in three separate segments. During its high flows, it is even a much stunning view to behold, with its waters doing a single massive fall. Unlike other Kauai waterfalls which will require helicopter tours, the Wailua Falls is very easy to see because it is the most easily accessible waterfall in Kauai. It became famous when it was featured in the opening scenes of the once popular old television show, Fantasy Island. It has been said that many, many years ago, it is also where ancient men used to dive off over the falls to prove their worthiness. The best time to visit Wailua Falls is very early in the morning

Opaekaa Falls

This is yet one of Kauai’s beautiful water falls; flowing year-round, unlike other waterfalls in Kauai that depend on heavy rains in order to showcase some stunning waterfalls. You can have wonderful photo opportunities with the Opaekaa Falls as it offers scenic peaks of the Makaleha Mountains on the background and a restored Hawaiian village on the riverbanks. Located in the northern part of the the Wailua River, this fall cannot be reached by river or trail. By just staying at Kuamo'o Road, you will be able to have an excellent and safe view of the waterfalls. The name Opaekaa is a word that means "rolling shrimp," because it’s been said that the river used to be swarmed by shrimps rolling and jumping in the turbulent waters just at the bottom of the water falls. These waterfalls can easily be seen overlooking the Kuamo'o Road. The best time for a magnificent view is mid-morning, when the sun complements the natural beauty of the waterfalls.

Keahua Forestry Arboretum

This arboretum is perfect for a relaxing picnic with the family. Nature lovers will definitely fall in love with this place as it boasts plenty of monkeypod, eucalyptus, and mango trees. Aside from picnic tables, the Keahua Forestry Arboretum also offers pools where you can swim around and cool off.

Kapaa Town

After all that tiring nature-tripping adventures, make sure you also find the time to drop by and stroll through Kapaa Town where you can find some nice items, including some great Hawaiian craft pieces, souvenir aloha-print shirts, Hawaiian jewelry, and fine art objects. Some shops also offer life-size paintings of whales on a wall and clock towers which are very unique Hawaiian crafts you can bring home as tokens of your perfect vacation in Kauai.

And when you get hungry after all those breath-taking and exhausting views and trips, make sure you drop by at any of East Kauai's charming restaurants where you will be pampered with sumptuous treats such as steaks, and spoiled with Hawaiian’s long and varied list of different favorite treats from vegetarian, Hawaiian, and Asian dishes since these are all part of the Coconut Coast's culinary specialties. The Coconut Coast’s dining options offer choices from cozy diners to fancy restaurants. Enjoyable dining includes a visit to a soda shop, having a drink or two from the soda fountain while listening to the jukebox.

To visit East Kauai is one smart decision when having a vacation with your loved ones. So, come and visit Kauai's Coconut Coast and indulge in the beauty and variety this destination offers. Let yourself loose in the quiet splendor of this region's green tropical setting and extraordinary natural heritage. Come and discover the traditional Hawaiian aloha spirit that abounds in this welcoming island paradise. Aside from exploring such awesome spots, East Kauai’s Coconut Coast offers to both locals and visitors other adventurous and exciting things to do. So, come and explore the island and pamper yourself in its splendor.

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