How to Get to Koloa, Kauai

Getting to Koloa is the same as going to different areas in Kauai. You just need to get to Kauai island, then drive yourself to the district of Koloa.

As such, the first thing to do is to get to Kauai island. Access to Hawaii and its major islands is done usually through plane. There are several commercial carriers that conduct regular flights to Kauai. You have two options: you can fly to Honolulu, then look for a local flight to Kauai, or, you can get a flight that goes directly to Kauai. In Kauai, you’re going to land in Lihue Airport. From the airport, you just need to travel on land to go south towards Koloa.

There are several carriers that you can choose from in Hawaii. These include Island Air, Go! Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Mokulele Airlines. For foreign visitors, you can look through the flights available from these airlines for possible connecting flights that go directly to Lihue Airport. Or, as mentioned, you can land at Honolulu, and from there book a local flight to Lihue. It is a relatively short flight, which is only 25 minutes.

From the Lihue Airport

Upon arrival on the airport, it would now depend on what kind of arrangements you have made for your accommodations and travel plans. The usual case is a rental car. This can either be part of your flight and accommodation package, or something that you reserved beforehand. Another case is when your accommodation also provides free shuttle pickup from the airport to the hotel or resort. Other options that you have from getting off the airport to Koloa are through the local bus transit, or through taxi.

From the airport, you would have to go west and use the Highway 50, then turning right to take road 520 or the Maluhia Road to reach Koloa. The way to Koloa is simple since you just need to traverse these two roads, and then you would reach Koloa itself. Travel time would be from 45 minutes to one hour at the most.

Of all your options, the best would be a rental car. This is because it provides you the necessary mobility when within the island. Also, a rental car would better allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Koloa, and the other districts in Kauai. The cost of the rental car is well worth it. Also, there are several deals and discounts offered with flights and accommodations, so you should be on the lookout for those. And if you do bring the family with you, it’s easier to navigate and go through the different points of interests in Kauai with a rental vehicle.

For the bus route, this is the cheapest option, and it will give you the opportunity of “going local” or doing as some of the Hawaiians do. The disadvantage of taking the bus route is that the route is limited and that it follows a schedule. You may get out of the airport, but getting around the island can be difficult. If you go for a taxi, it can be expensive in the long run, unless you’re going to stay cooped up in your hotel or room the whole vacation through.

Getting to Koloa is simple

As one can see, getting yourself to Koloa is easy to manage. The area is easily accessible through a plane ride to Lihue, then just a short drive to Koloa from the airport. This is one of the reasons why Kauai, and Hawaii in general is a tourist-friendly destination. Getting there is simple and not so difficult.

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