Koloa, Kauai on a Budget

Though Koloa has several luxury accommodations in its shores, it does not mean that Koloa is to be enjoyed by the rich alone. There are several ways to enjoy Koloa, Kauai without having to spend much and end up broke after your vacation. There are many things you can do which does not entail having to blow your budget. And this is one of the great things about Koloa and Hawaii in general; people of all financial levels can have a great time in the islands. Here, we’ll present you with some ways to enjoy Koloa on a shoestring budget.

Set a budget and stick with it.

As with all trips and vacations (unless you’re Bill Gates or some other multi-millionaire), you have to setup a budget for your trip. Aside from setting a budget, you should also have the discipline to stick to it. As times are hard, a vacation is a great way to unwind, but you should also remember that life goes on after the vacation, so you should appropriate a budget that does not leave you in the gutters after your vacation.

Once you have a budget set, you can more easily select the travel plan that suits your finances. This is very helpful especially when selecting the travel package that you’ll get. And speaking of travel packages, there are hundreds and hundreds of them online, so you just have to take the time to examine all that they offer and compare these offers with each other to get the best value. As you already have a budget set, that can be your guide in travel package selection.

But you don’t have to worry much about getting the package that will fit your budget. As travel agencies know that people are wary of spending a lot especially during hard times, they offer people packages that give value for money to entice people to travel. Add to that the competition that they get from other companies, you can be sure that the rates would be fairly affordable and competitive.

Things to do in Koloa on a budget

We don’t need to tell you to head on to the beach. The beaches in Hawaii are free, so you can enjoy them by just being there. Swimming, sunbathing, and strolling along the scenic beaches are things that you can do for free. You don’t need to stay in oceanfront resorts just to enjoy the beaches of Koloa. Beaches that you can head to are the Poipu Beach, Mala’ulepu Beach, Shipwreck Beach, and the Spouting Horn Beach Park. With all of these options, you can easily have lots of fun at the beach. You can also plan your accommodations to be near one of these beaches.

For water activities, you can save on snorkeling by just renting snorkeling gear from shops and ask about the great snorkeling spots in the area. You can also save on food if you get a snorkeling tour that includes a free lunch. You should also check out other offers in the area and see the deals that they offer. Doing so can help you decide whether or not paying for their services can fit your budget.

You can also expose yourself to the local culture and history without needing to strain your budget. For example, you can go to the Koloa History Center to learn more about the history of the town. You can look at images and exhibits that show life in the plantations. If you want to see some remnants of the plantation era, you should go to the Old Koloa Town. Drive around the town to see the old buildings and other artifacts from the old sugar plantation days. You should also take a look at the first sugar mill in Hawaii, which was built in 1835. Aside from that, you can also visit the Prince Kuhio Park for more exhibits and photos of the plantation era. You can also find here the home of Prince Kuhio, a fishpond, and a heiau, or native Hawaiian temple.

You can also take trips to the old churches in Koloa. You can visit the St. Raphael Church, which was constructed during the 1800s, and the Koloa Church, which is also a testament of the Christian missionaries' influence. These churches present great photo opportunities. Of course, these places can be seen for free.

If you want affordable family fun, you can bring the family to the Kukuiolono Park to see beautiful gardens and nature. You and your family can check out the lava rock garden and the Japanese garden in the park. Also, you can look from the hillside to get a great view of the ocean and the coast. The park also has a golf course on the grounds and for $7, it serves as one of the affordable golf courses in Kauai.

As for dining, it would depend on the accommodations that you have chosen for your trip. Some inns also offer free breakfast together with the room rates. Also, if you’re accommodations include a kitchen, one of the ways you can save is to prepare your own meals. Well, if you don’t mind cooking during your vacation, then you can certainly save when you cook your own meals. But if you want to dine out, you should head to the town of Koloa. There are several local establishments that offer local cuisine. Aside from those, you can also look at other different cuisines offered in the area, such as Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino cuisines. You can also order the plate lunch, which is a dish with potato salad, rice, and a meat dish. The meat dish depends on the restaurant, and usually consists of teriyaki beef, beef curry, or pork. You can also try saimin, a delicious local delicacy. It is a noodle soup with different toppings. These are usually sold on the streets and in stalls.

Shopping can also be done in Koloa town. You should be able to find several shops in the area that sell souvenirs and local delicacies. You can find local handicrafts, jewelries, and other trinkets for souvenirs. You can also head to the Poipu area and look for the Poipu Shopping Village. There, you can also find several shops that offer local products, and also numerous restaurants and dining establishments. You just have to look around to find the best bargains that the shops could offer.

Another of the least expensive ways to enjoy Koloa and Kauai in general is to explore the other regions and areas. Since all of Kauai is connected by two major highways, getting from Koloa to the north shore or the west shore is very manageable. You can use your rental car to go west to see the Waimea Canyon, or drive to Wailua to go whale watching. You can also go to Lihue and drive inland to see the Kauai Museum and Alekoko Fishpond. Exploring the island is one of the activities that you can do without spending much. All you need is time, a rental car, and some cash for gas.

Koloa is about the experience

Though the resorts and hotels in the oceanfront present a vacation that you’ve always dreamed of, you don’t need to stay there to enjoy what Koloa has to offer. It’s easy to experience all the great sights and activities of Koloa without having to empty your wallet. As they say, traveling and vacations are all about the experience. And that unique and unforgettable experience is easy to get in Koloa; the best thing about it is you don’t need to spend much to get it.

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