How to Get to Central Oahu

There are several flights from the mainland to the island, with almost all international and local flights coming in to the Hawaii International Airport. Several domestic and international carriers take visitors from all over the world to Oahu.

Some international flights that have regular flights to Oahu include United Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, All Nippon Airways Co., and Continental Airlines.

Preparing travel plans for Oahu

US citizens have no problem going to Oahu. However, non-American citizens need to prepare a passport valid for at least six months and citizens from countries in the Visa Waiver Program need to be aware of the new visa requirements of the US.

It is good to travel to Oahu at any time of the year. Most tourists want to travel between April and December. The summer months are definitely more dry than winter although winter months will see a large number of tourists too, especially those trying to escape the cold winter in temperate countries. Winter comes between December and March. Despite the season, the island remains cool all year round with constant trade winds.

Upon arrival on the Honolulu International Airport

International passengers must clear US Customs and Border Protection. Processing is done at the International Arrival Building and will require visitors to present their passport, immigration and Customs forms, and return tickets. One declaration form is used for immediate family members who arrive and are processed together.

Once processing is done, visitors can proceed to the CBP baggage inspection area. Once the baggage is claimed, visitors can make their way to the exit where they need to present their Customs Declaration for collection.

Traveling around Oahu

You can take the shuttle or the van service from the airport to any destination in Oahu aside from Central Oahu. Taxis and buses ply the route from the airport to the other destinations in Oahu as well. Bus tours are a popular way of exploring the island. However, the best way to get to Central Oahu and to explore the island as well is by renting a car. This is perhaps the most flexible option for those who do not want to deal with tour schedules and those who want to explore Central Oahu and the rest of the island on their own. Oahu is a good place to drive around since the roads from the airport to Central Oahu among other areas of the island are paved and well-maintained. You can find branches of major car rental chains right at the Honolulu International Airport and in downtown Waikiki and Honolulu.

One can also take a moped or a motorcycle when visiting Central Oahu or any other area in the island. A moped or motorcycle is a great way to see sights up close. Motorcycle rides are only for short-duration trips, but they are worth it if you want to feel the wind in your hair and the warm heat of the tropical summer sun.

Traveling in groups? This may not sound too practical but hiring a limousine can actually be cheaper and more fun if you are traveling in a large group. You save by splitting the fare amongst yourself and you get to arrive at such destinations as Central Oahu's Pearl Harbor or the Dole Pineapple Plantation in style.

The Oahu transit system is also a good way to get to Central Oahu. Known to locals as The Bus, the Oahu transit system follows an extensive route through the island and passes by the most popular sights. Riding the trolley is another way to travel around. Although it does not follow a route as extensive as the bus, it still passes through the popular tourist spots in the island and offers a unique experience when touring Oahu.

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