Leeward Coast

When it comes to attractions, the Leeward Coast has a large share of it in Oahu. You have a wide range of water sports and activities along its coast. If you need to learn about Hawaiian culture and history, you also have several locations that can provide that for you. For fun family activities, there are also attractions that will keep both the old and young occupied. Because of that, the Leeward Coast is one of the best places to be in the island of Oahu.

Water adventures

When it comes to the sand and surf, the Leeward Coast is not lacking in places where visitors can enjoy the beautiful waters of Hawaii.

Wet’n’ Wild Hawaii

The name says it all. If you want to have a great water adventure, then one should definitely visit the Wet’ n’ Wild Hawaii water park. If you’re wondering what you can do there, there are several rides and attractions waiting for you in the park. You have the Hawaiian Waters, a gigantic wave pool capable of creating four-foot high waves and swells. So aside from enjoying the waves, you can also start surfing and riding the waves in Hawaiian Waters. For the kids, you have the Water World Playground, where you have children’s slides and a tipping bucket that splashes 300 gallons of water to the visitors. If you want more excitement, then you can try sliding down Shaka, a giant water slide 36 feet high with a 70-degree incline. After these, you still have many more rides and attractions awaiting you at Wet’ n’ Wild Hawaii.

Ko Olina Marina

If you want more ocean activities, then you can just head on over to the Ko Olina Marina. At the Marina, you can go on sailing cruises and tours around the island. And if you’re into deep sea fishing, you can find several fishing charters that can bring you to the best fishing spots in the coast. Aside from the water activities, the Marina also offers a long shoreline for just simple strolling, and seven lagoons for more fishing. And for golfing fans, you can also find a golf course in the Marina which provides a great combination of the greens and coast. And if you just want to enjoy a quiet time near the coast, you can also find picnic areas in the Marina. For those with finer and richer tastes, you can also find luxury resorts and hotels in the Marina which also offers several restaurants that offer fine dining. As such, there’s something for everyone at the Ko Olina Marina.

Kaena Point

If you want to enjoy breathtaking views along the lava coast that is filled with ancient lore and mystery, then Kaena Point should satisfy your needs. This scenic coast line offers a great view of large waves crashing against the shores. As the water can be violent, it is not recommended for swimming during certain months. But you don’t need to swim to enjoy the unique beauty that it offers. According to legends and ancient Hawaiian religion, this coast was believed to be the meeting place of new souls and the souls of friends and ancestors. But legend or no legend, this coast presents one of the most memorable views in Oahu.

Know some history

Aside from the water activities and attractions of the Leeward Coast, you can also find several locations that have historical significance, not only for Hawaii, but for the whole country as a whole. If you brought your kids and want them to learn more about history and culture, then Leeward Coast will provide you all the opportunity to give your kids just that.


If you want to see the birthing stones for the royalty of ancient Hawaiians, just head on to Kukaniloko. This was considered a sacred place by the ancient Hawaiians, and believed that true royalty can be attained by being born alongside the birthing stones. Aside from those, you will also be treated to a nice view of the coast, while being shaded by patches of eucalyptus trees.

Hawaii Plantation Village

To get a look at the multi-cultural make-up of Hawaii, you should visit the Hawaii Plantation Village. Here, you can find some of the homes of the immigrants from different nations, while also getting to see a look at the old plantation life. Aside from that, the village is also a great place to shop for souvenir items and local artwork and jewelry.

Pearl Harbor

And of course, everyone should know what Pearl Harbor is. Pearl Harbor stands as a tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives during the WWII attack, and also as a marker for the entry of the US in World War II. Pearl Harbor is also the only naval base that is also a National Historical Landmark. Bring the kids along to let them see a bit of the nation’s and the world’s history by looking at the monuments and let them learn the significance of Pearl Harbor.

USS Arizona Memorial

And to continue on the tour of history, another must-see location is the USS Arizona Memorial. The USS Arizona is the battleship that was sunk during the attack of the Japanese Naval Forces on Pearl Harbor. The Arizona also served as the final resting place of the 1,177 crew of the battleship, accounting for half of the casualties in the Pearl Harbor attack, and also making the attack the worst disaster in US naval history. Go on to the visitor center to see the museum and also get a free tour where you can get the chance to see a Pearl Harbor survivor recount the tragedy. The tour includes a film showing and a tour to the still submerged USS Arizona.

USS Battleship Missouri

If the American involvement in the Second World War started with the USS Arizona, it ended inside the hull of the USS Missouri. One of the most historic battleships of the US, the USS Missouri has now retired, after 60 years of active service, along the shores of Oahu. Take a tour inside the battleship, look at the weapon systems, the bunks, and just explore the whole battleship to see how life is aboard a US battleship. Aside from its lengthy years of service, the USS Missouri made its place in history as the place where Japan’s unconditional surrender was made official.

USS Bowfin

If you’ve had enough of battleships, then go underwater in a way by visiting the USS Bowfin. The Bowfin was a WWII submarine, and it now holds a museum where one can see submarine-related exhibits and artifacts, such as weapon systems, battle logs, pictures, and other WWII memorabilia. This is one place to bring the kids along and let them see a bit of US naval history.

Pacific Aviation Museum

To see the lords of the skies during WWII, then you should head out to the Pacific Aviation Museum. The museum exhibits airplanes from both sides of the warfront, and the museum is intended to commemorate that fateful and tragic attack on Pearl Harbor. Aside from the plane models, you can also find film showings, exhibits, and dioramas showing what it was like during aerial battles during the war. You can still also see some of the original damage on the hangar when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Attraction-rich Leeward Coast

Typical of Oahu, the Leeward Coast has lots of attractions and activities for tourists and guests. Whether it’s fun on the ocean, or a look at history, you will have your fill of those in Leeward Coast.

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