Accommodations in Oahu

Finding a place to stay in Oahu is not at all difficult. Depending on your needs and budget, you will come across a wide variety of choices. Just in the Waikiki neighborhood, you'll find more than 30,000 hotel rooms ready to provide you with modern amenities that fit any lifestyle. From historic luxury hotels to rustic vacation homes and beach cottages, lodging options are one of the many things that you will never run out of in a place like Oahu. It doesn't stop there. Enjoy the bed and breakfast (B&B) inns that the island is also famous for. Feel as if you've brought your home on vacation with you to the island by renting a condo unit. You and your family can enjoy the comforts and convenience of home, while you trek through volcanic craters and lush rainforests right in the heart of Hawaii. If what you're craving for is just the opposite, and you're thinking of showing off your outdoorsy self, you may also acquire a camping license and make like a ranger with a tent and sleeping mat.

Luxury hotels and resorts

If you have a taste for channeling the world's rich and famous, you can check in at prestigious hotels, such as the Kahala Hotel and Resort, which used to be called the Kahala Hilton. It has been known as the "home away from home" of the most powerful people in the world, whenever they come to Honolulu. Royalties such as Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, and King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain are just a few of its hotel guests. Hotshot celebrities, such as Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, have also stayed there. In addition, Ronald Reagan and numerous presidents of the United States make up a fraction of Kahala Hotel and Resort's VIP list. Waikiki Beach has long been associated with Hawaiian royalty, and as early as 1901, moneyed travelers from all over the world have basked on its powdery white sand. It was the same year that the First Lady of Waikiki, the Moana Hotel, was built right at 2365 Kalakua Avenue in Honolulu.

If you've managed to save a fortune for a trip of a lifetime, get a reservation at the "Moana Surfrider – A Westin Resort," as it is popularly known today, and feel like you have royal blood coursing through your veins. A recipient of several awards and recognitions such as the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International Golden Bell Award, the Moana Surfrider has 793 rooms of which 46 are suites. Also, it features a freshwater swimming pool, a beach bar, and the historic Banyan Wing, which is included on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, popularly known as the Pink Palace of the Pacific among tourists and locals, is also a historic hotel that serves as an icon of romance and luxury. Its tagline "redefining luxury" should speak for itself. For the wise traveler who wants a taste of royalty and at the same time, spare some bucks for a parasailing adventure and a shopping spree at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani could be the place for you. The hotel has special promos which would allow you to save on hotel rates. If you register as a Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), you may even get to enjoy exclusive promos and deals. Or you may opt for its Better Tomorrows offer in which you can get 50% off the regular room rate every other night. If you have the patience to go over the promotional offers of several lodging choices, you will certainly find a deal that is best for you—and your wallet. You don't even have to sweat it out too much now, because the Internet makes the job easier for you. With just a few clicks here and there, you can be made privy to special offers that lazy travelers do not know about.

Budget-friendly options

Although Waikiki's urban landscape is replete with great accommodations, you might find them still a bit too costly just for a place to rest your body in after an exhilarating day of Oahu adventures. Aside from Waikiki Beach that millions flock to each year, the neighborhood is a tourist heaven because of its proximity to the Honolulu International Airport and points of interest, such as the Diamond Head Crater, the Duke Kahanamoku Memorial Statue, the Honolulu Zoo, and the Waikiki Aquarium. However, outside of Waikiki is a plethora of lodging facilities. On the north and west shores of Oahu, you'll find just as many resorts as there are rental cottages and condos all over the island. Check out the Ko Olina resort and marina toward the island's southwest direction. You'll find seven lagoons nestled within the resort's 43 acres, as well as nice spots perfect for picnic and fishing. The main resort at Ko Olina is J.W. Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa on Olani Street. It is only 25 miles away from the Honolulu International Airport, and has 387 rooms. The Marriott Ihilani has a Keiki program, or children's activities, while adults can indulge in their golf, spa, and tennis facilities.

Nearby places to visit are the Paradise Cove Luau and the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. The North Shore is a favorite surfing destination, and is home to the formidable Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Sunset Beach. This side of Oahu offers condo units, rental cottages, and backpacker hostels which are popular among the surfing crowd, as there are only few full-service hotels and resorts in this area. One such luxury hotel is the Turtle Bay Resort, where 375 luxury guest rooms, 26 suites, 42 beach cottages, and ocean villas provide tourists with a panoramic Pacific view. Along with these facilities are packages that you'll love, especially if you're more of a golfer than a surfer. Turtle Bay Resort's promos can include discount golf services. There are also packages where you can get to stay an extra night without extra charges. These packages may include breakfast for two at the Palm Terrace for every day of your stay at the resort's oceanfront accommodations. The Turtle Bay Resort is about an hour's drive away from the Honolulu International Airport.

Bed and breakfast accommodations

Are you more of a B&B person? If you just answered yes, then you might want to check out Paradise Palms Bed & Breakfast on Mokapu Road in Kailua. Avail of their De Luxe and Luxury studios each equipped with a kitchen at an affordable rate per night for a maximum of two persons. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast surrounded by plumeria flowers in their tropical garden. There's also the Papaya Paradise Bed & Breakfast on Auwinala Road just a half mile away from Kailua Beach. Take your pick of breakfast favorites, such as cream cheese bagels and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and wash them down with a fresh cup of coffee or tea. Each unit has a fully equipped kitchen, and beach accessories are available for registered guests free of charge. The standard rate per night is very affordable. Or you can check out the nearby Pillows in Paradise on Awakea Road, which is a short walking distance from Kailua Beach. Share the studio with three of your friends for a standard rate that's right for your budget. On 153 Kailuana Place, you'll also find Manu Mele Bed & Breakfast, which is perfect for couples. It's a romantic getaway set on a private oasis where the scent of tropical flowers will fill your nostrils and tantalize your senses. The rates are quite affordable for each unit with Internet access, to make sure you get to dish out to the rest of the world how much fun you're having in Oahu.

Oahu is an island of unlimited choices and endless possibilities. You can browse through the Internet for vacation homes and beach cottages before you check them out in person to save you more time and energy. It is also easier to compare rates and packages when surfing the Internet for Oahu accommodations. You can also book for reservations online to further save on time and energy. After all, you will be needing them both for the various escapades and adventures that await you on each side of Oahu. If you feel like roughing it up a bit, though, you can apply for a camping permit and head for the nearest camp site. You can get these permits from Satellite City Halls on Oahu, and these will allow you to camp out for five days in a week. Some camp sites are not available in the summer, and on certain days, camp sites are closed for maintenance work. You should be at least 18 years of age to apply for a permit which is good for 10 persons. If you want to call in early or you need more information about the availability of a camping site, you may contact the Parks Permit Section.