Tips and Tricks for the Traveler in Oahu

If you are planning a trip to experience the beauty of Oahu, Hawaii, first learn about the so many things you can do during your stay in the island. You may also wish to check the weather first, although the weather in Oahu is very predictable that visitors won't have any problems planning their Hawaiian vacation any time of the year. You may try catching the weather news if you plan to surf and check if the surf is up, especially in winter. If you want to go fishing, you may also want to check out for high tide and low tide.

The best time to visit Oahu

Oahu is best to visit during the whole year round. But if you want to watch the humpback whales in Oahu's golden beaches, plan your stay during the months of October to April. Generally, the temperature here is warmer and drier, and is usually between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during summer, which is from April to November.

Preparations for when going to Oahu

How to dress for Hawaii is a common question among travelers going to Oahu. Bring clothes that are comfortable and light, since Hawaii is known for its mild weather. Daytime wear should include a good pair of walking shoes or comfortable sandals, shorts, short-sleeved tops, swimwear for when you're going to the beach, and accessories that'll help prevent sunburn such as hats and cover-ups. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. Also, bring evening clothes such as casual pants, and skirts or dresses for women. A sport coat is best worn when in fine dining establishments. If you're planning to visit Oahu's mountains or countryside, a light sweater can help keep you warm. Now that you've prepared your travel gear, you might need to check next on how you will get there.

International and inter-island flights from Honolulu

Hawaii is served by several international flights from other countries and from the mainland, along with several inter-island airlines which include Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air, and Pacific Wings. During your flight, to ensure your relaxation and comfort, you can chew gum or eat candies to reduce ear pressure you may feel after the plane takes off. Make sure to drink lots of fluids during the plane trip to to prevent dehydration. While sitting down, perform light exercises and move around the cabin frequently when it's safe. Take preventive medicines for asthma or allergy symptoms, which may be caused by the cabin's low humid environment.

Getting rid of jet lag

Reset your watch to Oahu's time as soon as you get on the plane. If it's daytime in Oahu when you get there, try not to sleep during the flight. Move around and keep yourself preoccupied. If it's nighttime, try to get some sleep. Don't forget to eat before you board the plane so that you may sleep well during the flight.

Landing at Oahu

The Honolulu International Airport, which is on Oahu, is Hawaii's major airport, serving as the entry point for most of Hawaii's visitors. All major domestic and international carriers serve Oahu, so you can get here easily by plane.

Looking for a place to stay in Oahu

Finding accommodations is never a problem in Oahu. You'll find everything here from historic hotels and boutiques to bed and breakfasts and luxury resorts. You'll find plenty of accommodation options in Oahu. Even beyond Waikiki, there are many luxury resorts on the North Shore and on the Western shores of Ko Olina, as well as rental cottages and condominiums where you can stay at throughout your vacation.


The moment you arrive at Oahu, you will never have to worry about transportation. Various options for landbased transportation are available at many airports in Hawaii. Taxis and chauffeured limousine services are available at several passenger terminals at most major airports. While city buses in Oahu provide inexpensive transportation to and from Waikiki, taxis offer a more expensive but more comfortable option. Car rentals are also available in Oahu if you prefer to roam around with more privacy.

Planning your activities

Oahu offers great shopping venues, ranging from world-class malls and botiques located at Waikiki to quaint specialty shops found at nearby towns. If you're looking for a unique Hawaiian souvenir, you have several shopping venues to choose from. For the shoppers' convenience, there are actually several prominent shopping areas that provide free shuttle service to and from the shopping area and several major hotels. If you're planning on some serious shopping, make sure to just pack light so you can use an extra bag or two to store trinkets and souvenirs on your return trip.

Oahu is an adventure-seeker's paradise because this island offers plenty of exciting sports activities such as water skiing, skydiving, horseback riding, and hiking. However, before you join any sports activity, make sure that you are equipped with the right gear and attire. If it's your first time in Oahu, make sure to stick to your guide and tour group. Before you do any dangerous sporting activity, make sure you are physically fit to do so. Also, make sure that you have travel insurance especially when planning to do some serious sports activities in Oahu.

Smoking regulations in Hawaii

Hawaii is a place greatly concerned about its people and environment. It has enacted The Smoke Free Hawaii law, which promotes healthy air for the residents and visitors from all over the world. Visitors and smokers can still buy and use tobacco products but they should only smoke these on smoking areas. In Hawaii, smoking is prohibited in enclosed areas such as those places owned by the state, places that are open to the public, and workplaces. In this US state, you cannot smoke within 20 feet of doorways and other ventilation facilities such as windows.

Numerous Hawaii hotels and motels can offer a percentage of their rooms specifically to smoking guests. So, if you are a smoker and are going to stay in a hotel or motel, you should specify that you or your companions prefer a smoking room when making reservations. Violators of this anti-smoking law will have to pay fines.

Soaking up some Hawaiian culture

The following are just some Hawaiian words you can learn for a more fun-filled vacation:

aloha - hello; welcome; love; goodbye
mahalo - thank you
wahine - woman
kane - man
keiki - child or children
hale - house
kama'aina - native or local Hawaiians
makai - to the sea
mauka - to the mountains
ono - delicious
pau - finished

Learning basic greetings in Hawaiian can definitely help you blend in with the crowd. Many locals also appreciate tourists who try to learn their native language. Eating at dining establishments wherein locals frequently hang out is one good idea to soak up some Hawaiian culture and get tips on the best eating places in Oahu. Plus, many local hangouts offer affordable meals without scrimping on delicious Hawaiian delicacies. You can also ask around regarding the best places to visit and when's the best time to go to these destinations.

Traveler assistance

In case you should need assistance or information on anything in Oahu, you can just drop by the vistors' or travelers' centers located throughout the island. Many visitor centers can provide tourists with standard information as well as with a free visitor's booklet offering up-to-date information on the local scene. A popular tourist-oriented organization is the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, which is located at the Waikiki Business Plaza, at 2270 Kalakaua Ave. This visitors' center provides extensive information about Oahu as well as about other popular spots in Hawaii, including information on day trips to other areas from Oahu. Travelers can also acquire maps and hotel information at this center.

In addition to standard visitors' centers, tourists can get information from the streets of Oahu. Friendly taxi drivers and hotel staff are familiar with the area and can provide answers to many basic questions. Additionally, there are a number of free brochures and magazines on the streets of Oahu which offer information on activities such as shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Emergency assistance

Hawaii is a safe traveler's destination but if you do experience any accident, medical emergency, or serious illness, please contact immediately the proper authorities. You can call the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii for further emergency assistance. You can also check out local visitor centers for emergency numbers.

Going to Oahu is definitely an exciting experience, whether you're from mainland or from another country. Because of so many things to see and adventures to experience in this Hawaiian island, it's best to have some sort of itinerary to make things go smoother as you land in Oahu. Coordinating with a travel agent or tour guide is always a good idea if you wish to visit various locations and destinations within Oahu and its neighboring islands without the hassle and headache. With these traveler tips and tricks in mind, you are sure to have some peace of mind as you enjoy what Hawaii's Oahu has to offer.