Where to Stay in West End Molokai

The western portion of the island of Molokai is also known for its beaches and natural surroundings. For tourists who would like to spend their Hawaiian vacation in this area, there are several beach houses and condominiums that they can choose from. Here are some of them:

Ke Nani Kai

Ke Nani Kai has condo units that may be rented by tourists who would like to stay in the western part of the island. Each one-bedroom or two-bedroom unit has its own kitchen, which suits travelers who would like to prepare their own food. The condominium has cozy interiors that are decorated in pastels and rattan. The rooms also have their own laundry facilities making it convenient for travelers to attend to their laundry requirements. The hotel also has a tennis court and pool facilities for its guests. Some units also have a lanai for guests who would like to relax outdoors.

Since there are more than 100 units, the facilities of each unit may vary. While there are units that offer a good view of the ocean, you might also get a unit that faces a golf course.

Ke Nani Kai is found at Kaluakoi Rd., Maunaloa, HI, 96770

Paniolo Hale

If you love the view of the waves, the Paniolo Hale, which is situated on a cliff, is one of your best options. You may choose from one-bedroom or two-bedroom condominium units that have their own kitchens, laundry facilities, and lanais. The units are spacious, yet they have a cozy and relaxing feel. Beach lovers will love the view and the condo's proximity to the beach. The only drawback is that the Paniolo Hale is a bit distant from the shopping center, and you will need to book for a minimum of three nights.

Paniolo Hale is found at Lio Pl., Kaunakakai, HI, 96748

Endless Sunset House

The Endless Sunset House is a beach house rental that makes the ocean very accessible to water lovers. It faces the Kaiwi Channel and is very near the Dixie Beach. This property is located close to the historic town of Maunaloa and to the Molokai Ranch. There is a portion of the rental house that was exposed to the Pacific Ocean tide pools. You also have the Dixie Beach or the Kapukahelu Bay, which is swimmer-friendly at any time of the year. While you are staying in this area, you may also take a side trip to the archaeological sites in the fishing villages. Near the beach houses are also the remnants of ancient houses by the shores.

You may choose from two-bedroom or three-bedroom units that have their own lanais, kitchen, and laundry facilities. You may also ask for the services of a cook (at an extra charge).

Miller Molokai

Another option in West End Molokai accommodations is the Miller Molokai. This private villa has luxurious amenities for guests who would like to enjoy and relax in the peaceful western Molokai environment. Each room has its own entertainment systems, phones, and lanais. Most of the units have queen-size beds to provide sleeping comfort for their guests.

One of the things that set Miller Molokai apart from the other accommodations in the area is that it overlooks one of the longest beaches in Hawaii, the Papohaku Beach. The road leading to the beach is just a block away from the rental houses.

Kaluakoi Resort Vacation Rentals

At these rental houses, you can enjoy the white sand beaches and the tranquil surroundings of West End Molokai. Most of their units have been renovated to give you the best view of the Pacific Ocean, the shores, and the natural surroundings of the island. The rental property also has its own swimming pool and golf facilities for those who would like to practice their swings.

1-A-1 Molokai Condo

This rental property has the facilities for all types of Hawaii tourists. It is just in front of the Kepuhi Beach, which is a great location for sunbathing, surfing, and boogie boarding. You may also get a view of Oahu and the whales and their babies. Although it is more than ten miles from the airport and more than five miles from the nearest town, the area has its own grocery, movie theater, restaurant, and post office.

Each condo unit may cost between $56 and $85 per night.

Molokai Vacation Home

This villa is located on a four-acre property that gives you a view of the mountains in Molokai, the Diamond Head, and the Pacific Ocean. The spacious rental homes are designed for families on vacation since each unit can accommodate up to 12 people. The units have their own lanais that allow them to take in the magnificent view of the surroundings.

The Papohaku Beach, which is one of the longest beaches in Hawaii, is just a few minutes away from the rental properties. The vacation home also has its own pool and a gazebo just beside it. Reservations should be at least for seven nights and will cost between $750 and $850 a night.

Castle Kaluakoi Villas

These condominium-style units are also located in the western area of the island. The units reflect the simplicity of the Hawaiian decors and have their own lanais that give you a view of the Pacific Ocean and the nearby beaches. Each unit has its own kitchen facility for those who would like to prepare their own meals. On the other hand, the rental property is close to the restaurant in the Kaluakoi Resort that caters to travelers who wouldn't want the trouble of preparing their food. Aside from the water activities that you can do in the area, you may also come to the Kaluakoi Golf Course and ride horses at the Molokai Ranch, which is not very far from the villas.

The Lodge and Beach Village at the Molokai Ranch

These accommodations at West End Molokai can satisfy both the water-loving and mountain-loving tourists in Molokai. It has more than 20 lodge units and 40 beach houses that give tourists a superb view of the ocean. Each unit has its own kitchen and laundry facilities. Most of the units also have their own lanais and spacious bathrooms. Room entertainment systems and Internet connections are also available.

The beach villas front the Kaupoa Beach, where guests can swim in the clear waters and sunbathe on the white sand shores. It also has its own restaurant and bar for people who would like to try the local cuisine. You may also opt to try the sumptuous foods offered at the dinner buffets.

You may also choose to have a dinner outside your units since there are picnic tables within the area. Aside from its vacation facilities, the Molokai Ranch also has facilities for business and social gatherings. The peaceful environment can facilitate team building and business planning activities. It also has the business facilities that you might need. Marriage ceremonies and reception may also be done at the Molokai Ranch.

If you would like maximum relaxation during your vacation, you may also come to the spa and the sauna within the ranch. From hiking and horseback riding to swimming and whale watching, you'll never run out of activities to do at the Molokai Ranch.

It may be found at 100 Maunaloa Highway, Maunaloa. You may choose from double rooms, deluxe rooms, and luxury suites.

Before making a reservation at a rental property or condominium, be sure to inquire about the minimum number of nights for the reservations. There are some villas that require a minimum stay of three days, while others require a one-week stay.