How to get to West End Molokai

If you want to experience real peace, then the place to go to is the island of Molokai, where you will find a unique kind of experience on each of the unique beaches and destinations in the island. Below are ways on how you can get to the West End of Molokai and have a one-of-a-kind vacation.

Molokai is not like other typical developed and populated vacation destinations that travelers frequently go to. West Molokai boasts of several beaches you can visit if you want some peaceful time for yourself. The beaches here are also perfect destinations if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of your usual life.

Getting to West Molokai

By boat

You may go to West Molokai in Hawaii either by sea or air travel. There is a ferry waiting at the Lahaina Harbor in Maui, which takes about 90 minutes when traveling to Kaunakakai, Molokai's town center and the location of the harbor. However, there are no public transportation services available at Molokai, so you better call taxi services before arriving for a taxi to pick you up at the harbor. You can also hire a car since there are several car rental companies in Molokai. Should there be no available taxi during a certain time, you may opt for a car rental and drive your way to West Molokai.

The best time to ride the ferry is during early mornings so you can catch a view of the sun greeting you with a new day from the upper deck of the ferry. The ferry leaves Maui, twice in a day and twice daily from Molokai, except during Sundays. It will only cost you less than $60 for adults and less than $30 for children for one-way tickets, with the rates already including the fees and taxes. Should you decide to get to West Molokai through the ferry, make sure you reserve a seat at the upper deck to catch a glimpse of the jumping whales and other marine life, not to mention the scenic sunrise Molokai is known for.

By air

You also have the option to just fly when going to West Molokai since there are available flights everyday landing at Hoolehua Molokai Airport from Oahu and Maui, which are served by various airlines including Aloha Island Air, Commercial Flyer, Hawaiian Airlines, Molokai Air Shuttle, Pacific Wings, and Paragon Air. Molokai is a less than 30-minute flight from Honolulu or Maui. You will definitely need to make inter-island flight arrangements since there are no direct flights going to West Molokai outside of Hawaii. From the airport, you simply go west towards Maunaloa by taking the Highway 460, and then turn right when you see the Kaluakoi Road and continue to go downhill for about 4.5 more miles. There you will see several lodgings such as condominiums, including the Kepuhi Beach Resort and the Kaluakoi Villas on your left.

Car rentals are available at the airport should you want to rent a vehicle. It is highly recommended that you rent a car once you get to the island, so that you will get to explore the different beaches in the island with more flexibility.

Tips when getting to West Molokai

And since there is only the General Store in Maunaloa Town, shopping options for food and other items can get limited. This is the reason why travelers, upon arrival to Molakai, are advised to do their major shopping while in the main town of Kaunakakai, wherein many stores are open to serve customers. Some shops close early and are closed during Sundays. Simply check the store schedules during Sundays as soon as you arrive.

So, book your flights now to this part of the island. West Molokai brings you the most peace a place can ever give its visitors. With pristine beaches and scenic views, you get to experience the best of Molokai through its western region.