What to Do in West End Molokai

Since West End Molokai has the luxury of having both great beaches and beautiful mountainous surroundings, tourists will find a lot of activities to try while having their vacation on this part of the island. Before you even leave for your trip, you must plan the activities that you would like to do while on the island. That way, you can prepare the right clothes and equipment to take with you for your trip.

Here are the top 12 activities in West End Molokai:

1. Swimming

Tourists flock to Hawaii because of its great waters and shores. There are beaches in the western portion of Molokai that are always serve as great swimming spots all year round. One of these beaches is the Kapukahelu Bay. While swimming, you may also opt to rent some snorkeling equipment so that you can get a better view of the underwater fishes and coral reefs. This area of Hawaii has the one of the richest underwater life.

When you swim at the beaches of Molokai, you may also choose to swim closer to the marine animals. But before you do that, you must first inquire if it is permitted in that area.

Aside from swimming in the beaches, you may also take a dip in the freshwater pools of the villas and the condominiums in western Molokai. Almost every rental property has its own pool that is available to all of their guests.

2. Whale watching

When you schedule your vacation in winter, you might get a view of the whales that play in the western waters of Molokai. The whales swim with their families, and some of them may be viewed if you are staying near the Kepuhi Beach. If you would like to take a closer look on these lovely sea creatures, you may rent a boat that can get you closer to the whales' swimming areas.

3. Surfing

Surfing is one of the activities that Hawaii has been known for. Most travelers will not leave the island without trying the waves of Hawaii. Because the western beaches of Molokai are near the Pacific Ocean, they have the best waves in Hawaii. If you find it a bit inconvenient to take your surfboard with you, you may rent a board at from the resorts and other establishments near the beaches. In case you don't know how to surf, there are also surf classes that are offered by the rental facilities.

4. Sunbathing

One of the longest white sand beaches in Hawaii is found in the west end Molokai. The Papohaku Beach is located very close to many vacation rental properties that coming there is no trouble at all. If you take a walk to the less busy areas, you might even find yourself alone at a strip of the beach. This is the best place on the island to work on that tan as you read a book or listen to relaxing music. Just don't forget to bring your shades and apply some sunblock lotion.

5. Cruises

Several cruise ships offer a cruise in the waters of Molokai. During the cruise, you can get another view of the island. You also get to see other islands in Hawaii that are just as beautiful. So, if you wanted a quick view of the island, booking a cruise is one of your best and classy options.

Aside from the traditional cruises, you may also join fishing tours and try your hand at sport fishing. Some fishing boats in Molokai offer tourists the opportunity to catch the largest tuna and marlin. There's no greater way to tell stories of your Molokai adventures than with a picture of you and your big catch.

6. Horseback riding

Many of the villas and condominiums in west Molokai are just a few miles away from the Molokai Ranch. The ranch has facilities for horseback riding, which are open to tourists. The grassy pastures are also great for picture-taking and for taking a walk in the fresh surroundings of the island.

7. Trekking

Molokai has great outdoor scenes. People who would like to take in the environment may also take a walk on the roads and in the forests of the island. There are also trails that were prepared for travelers who would like to explore the mountains in Molokai. Aside from staying in the beach villas and condominiums, you may also camp outdoors. Camping gear may be rented from rental establishments near the villas.

The natural Molokai environment is also great for companies who would like to take their teams for a vacation-slash-team building activity. Some of the beach accommodations have function facilities where they can have the lecture-type activities. The outdoors will be their venue for athletic team building activities.

8. Biking

Fresh air and the peaceful surroundings of Molokai are very conducive for tourists who would like to explore the island on their bikes. Biking is a relaxing sightseeing activity. It also helps in losing excess pounds and clearing the mind. Bicycles may be rented from some establishments and even from many beach accommodation properties.

9. Visiting historic sites

The western portion of Molokai is rich in history and ancient relics. Aside from the water and land adventure activities, you may also visit the fishing villages and the ancient shrines that may be found in the area. The Town of Maunaloa is one of the historic sites that you should not miss. The remnants of some of the ancient houses in Molokai may be found on Kapukahehu Beach, which is close to the Endless Sunset House.

10. Golfing and playing tennis

A number of villas have their own golf courses and tennis courts. If you are a golfer who enjoys the adventure of trying a new course, west Molokai has a lot of options for you to choose from. One of the most popular golf courses on the island is found in the Molokai Ranch. There, you can also try a number of other land adventures after you have practiced your swings.

11. Sunset viewing

Many of the hotels, villas, and condominiums in Molokai boast of their magnificent views of the ocean and the greens. If you opted to stay in West Molokai, be sure not to miss the Molokai sunset. Choose an accommodation that has a lanai or an open-air setting that allows you to take in the magic of the sunset. When the dark sets in, you may still stay outdoors to gaze at the stars and feel the cool ocean breeze.

12. Food tasting

Your stay in Molokai and in the rest of Hawaii will never be complete if you let the opportunity to try the local cuisines pass. There are several restaurants at the villas and at the ranch that offer a wide variety of local dishes. Be sure to try the seafood cuisines and the summer fruit preparations. Meals in Molokai are often prepared fresh. If it fits your budget, have at least one buffet dinner so that you can try different local foods before you leave the island.

The activities in West End Molokai are numerous that we can only list the most popular ones. During your vacation, you may also try to do some kayaking, body boarding, scuba diving, and hiking.

For couples, you may also choose to have your wedding ceremonies done in Molokai. You may incorporate local traditions into the ceremony. The beach villas are also some of the most romantic places in Hawaii. Not only you and your spouse will enjoy the wedding, but your guests will also thank you for the invitation.