Accommodations in Molokai

There are different accommodation choices when in Molokai. Apart from the camping option, which you can do at a couple of national parks within the island, you can choose to stay in condominium units, beach houses, the Hotel Molokai (the only hotel in the island), and a few other unique living choices.

Accommodations are mostly situated around the major commercial beaches in Molokai. Hence, select the section or beach you’d want to linger in.

Choosing a West End accommodation gives you quick access to the beaches of Kapukahehu, Papohaku, Kepuhi, and Pohaku Mauliuli. It is safe to swim in these beaches during summer, except in Papohaku Beach where rip currents and shore breaks are dangerous. Currents and breaks can get unwieldy too in the other beaches during winter. Caution needs to be practiced. Of the beaches on the West end, the Kapukahehu Beach is the most popular among locals and visitors. Kepuhi is great for surfing, while Papohaku has the longest white sand beach in Hawaii. Camping is permitted at Papohaku Beach. Permits can be acquired from the Parks Department.

There are also nice beaches on the east and central sections of Molokai. The One Ali’i Beach Park is a great option for families. The shores here are safe for kids to swim in. The same goes for the Kakahai’a Beach Park, which has a roadside picnic area. Swimmers will enjoy Kamalo Wharf, Sandy, and Puko’o Beaches. Snorkelers, on the other hand, will have a great time exploring the reef of Kumimi Beach. This is one of the favorite snorkeling sites in Molokai. Kawili Beach boasts of a long curving shoreline. It’s good for advanced swimmers during summer but can get really dangerous during winter.

West End condominiums

Paniolo Hale is a deluxe group of townhouses, just fifty yards away from the shoreline of Molokai’s west end. The place is very quiet and private, and with great amenities such as tennis courts and barbecue facilities. It also has a pool area, where guests can lounge around in. The ambiance is ranchland style and gives off a unique countryside feel. It is very close to Kepuhi Beach. Living options in Paniolo Hale include one and two bedroom condominium units. Some of these units have great ocean views.

Another accommodation option is the Kaluakoi Villas, also referred to as the Kepuhi Beach Resort. The resort has condominiums, fully-furnished studios, and beachside duplex quarters to choose from. Most of their units offer a great view of Kepuhi Beach, which is just spectacular especially during sunset. They have a barbecue area, and an oceanfront pool for downtime and relaxation. The place is a great spot to watch the visitation of humpback whales during winter season, or view the island of Oahu from across the ocean.

Ke Nani Kai is a beautifully furnished row of one-bedroom and two-bed room condominium units close to the Papohaku Beach. Some of these have a good view of the beach, which is about two hundred yards away. It is also a few minutes away from Kapuhi Beach. Many have said that these are some of the finest living options in the area. The condominiums stand on fourteen acres of landscaped grounds. There is a free-form swimming pool, overlooking the ocean and hot tubs. Two tennis courts are available as venues for alternative activity. The Ke Nani Kai is relatively isolated, offering some peace and quiet to vacationers.

East and Central Molokai condominiums

There are only a few lodging places in the east and central areas of the island. One of these is Molokai Shores, which is a group of oceanfront condominiums just one and a half miles from Kaunakakai. The condominiums are on four acres of gorgeously landscaped grounds. The units all have a great view of the ocean channel (or the Kalohi Channel) that leads to the Lana’i Island.

The condominium units of Molokai Shores are finely furnished and complete with the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay in the island. These are at a walking distance from the town of Kaunakakai and have easy access to the shopping district.

A great option within the Molokai Shores is the Ka Hale Kealoha or the House of Love. These are newly remodeled condominium units of Molokai Shores, with first class furnishings and amenities. This is perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways.

Another resort in the area is Wavecrest Resort. The place is 13 miles from the town of Kaunakakai and offers a nicely apportioned pool, poolside cabanas, and two tennis courts. The ambiance is tropical and relaxing. All condominium units are oceanfront and fully furnished.

Beach houses

Beach houses are also popular living accommodations while in Molokai. The beach houses are a stone’s throw away the shore, and provide easy access to lounging around at Molokai’s beautiful beaches. The beach houses line the shore, and are elegantly apportioned.

There are several choices when it comes to beach front accommodations. Beach houses have as little as two rooms to four rooms. These may have views of Diamond Head, Lana’i Island, and even Oahu.

Dunbar Beachfront Cottages offer great beachfront accommodation options. Their cottages are mostly on the east end of Molokai, in perfect secluded beaches for the ultimate peace and quiet. The cottages have access to the section of Molokai waters that’s frequented for whale watching and beach combing.

Another excellent beach house choice is the accommodations offered by Miller Molokai. The accommodations of Miller Molokai have good options for big groups and families. They have four bedroom suites options, with private pools, Jacuzzis, and an amazing view of the Kaiwi Channel going to Oahu. The big rooms can take in as much as twelve people.

Over at East Molokai, there’s the Molokai Beach Front. This is an elegant guest home, complete with a landscaped yard. The home has a wonderful view of Lanai and Maui.

For an expansive beach living accommodation, check out Dream Vacation Home. The place is a five-room vacation place, with five and a half bathrooms. There is a gazebo and exclusive pool. This dream home offers an awe-inspiring vista of the Molokai Mountains and Diamond head. There is a lanai, perfect for relaxation and quiet contemplation.

Puko’o offers beach houses, with two to three bedrooms. The houses are on Molokai’s east side, and offer a great view of Maui and Lanai. Each home is beautifully furnished and has complete amenities. The location is secluded, and provides a good degree of privacy.

Another great option is the Molokai Beach House. This is an old fashioned home that’s reminiscent of Hawaii during the 1950s. It is located in the town of Waialua, and has a great view of Maui and Lanai.

The Endless Sunset Beach House has two beachfront homes, with two bedrooms. These are right next to the Dixie Maru Beach on Molokai’s west end. The beach homes are beautiful and completely furnished. They offer an amazing view of the Kaiwi Channel, and are perfect for some seclusion and isolation.

Other accommodation choices

There are other living accommodation options when in Molokai. You can opt for country-living cottages that are nicely fitted with small domes and appropriate furnishings. You can also choose to stay in several bed and breakfast places in the area.

The Ka Hale Mala is a great home away from home. This bed and breakfast is managed by Jack and Cheryl, probably two of the friendliest hosts you’ll meet around. They provide excellent service and personal care. The place has a lovely garden, and is five miles from Kaunakakai. It is close to the beaches on the south of Molokai.

If you came to Molokai to visit the coffee plantation, then the Halemalu Guest House is a good option for you. This is up country, in the area of Kalae, and along the Mule Ride through the plantation. It is also near the Ironwoods Golf Course, and the Kalaupapa trail. The accommodations are basic dome cottages, which are affordably priced.

Another affordable option is the Kolapa House. This is at the center of the Kaunakakai town, and provides basic rooms and amenities. The place boasts of easy access to the shopping and dining districts of Kaunakakai. Notable is the fact that all proceeds of the Kolapa House goes to the Kolapa House of Charity. The charity is for the health and physical maintenance of Molokai locals.

For a western, countryside feel, there is the Pu’u O Hoku Ranch, located in east Molokai. The place encompasses about fourteen thousand (14,000) acres of lush idyllic land. The ranch has two vacation cottages and twenty-two (22) guest houses. The accommodations are simple and casual but provide a great getaway from the usual hustle and bustle.

Hotel Molokai

Hotel Molokai is the only hotel in the island. It is located at the east of Kaunakakai town, near Kamiloloa Beach. This lies very close to Hawaii’s sole barrier reef, and is perfect for marine exploration or just simple idling around the beach. The motif of the hotel is Polynesian, and is very comfortable and friendly.
The hotel boasts of nightly poolside entertainment during dinner time. There is also the Aloha Friday Sunset Celebration that happens every Fridays.