Surf Schools

Action Sports Maui

Action Sports Maui is one of the premier surfing schools in the area. The full-service surfing school was founded in 1996. The school boasts of highly-skilled instructors that are able to assist surfing students of any level: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Each of the students, no matter what their level of expertise is, will be given personal attention by Action Sports’ experienced instructors. There are classes offered for individual learners, as well as packages for the whole family.

Unique Qualities of the Surfing School

Action Sports Surf School is unique not only because it offers lessons at many levels. It also teaches its students to respect the ocean. Each student is carefully instructed at how to be safe and responsible in the ocean, depending on his or her particular learning level. Each case is taken separately and considered unique. Thus, each case is handled by Action Sports Maui differently.

Each learning level has its unique surfing area. For example, the beginners’ surfing area is found on the south shore on Maui. The area is found in a Marine Park that spans 20 acres. Within this same area, there are varied types of surf breaks that can fit all levels of surfers as well as varying ocean conditions.

What is important is that each of the areas has the learning surfer’s safety in mind. Advanced surfers may also be given the chance to experience the larger waves on Maui’s north shore. The people at Action Sports have properly investigated which areas have what types of waves.

The surfing school also provides stable and safe surfboards that are soft to the feet but easy to balance in and maneuver in various ways. There is a surfboard for all ages and learning levels.

Why Hawaii?

Maui, and many other areas of Hawaii for that matter, is popular for being a great surfing location as a whole. After all, Hawaii offers big waves that are also easy to ride. So, Maui is a great place for learning surfing.


So it looks like Action Sports Surf School can offer great surfing location and instruction for all sorts of surfers. Here are the prices for the lessons:

“Bring a Buddy” (when you book two or more surfers at a time) - $59.99 (+tax) per person for two hours.
Beginner Surf Class - $69.99 (+tax) for two hours

Intermediate Surf Class - $89.99 (+tax) for two hours

The Intermediate class goes beyond the Beginner’s lesson by including going down the line, trimming and turning. It includes tips on how to catch more waves.

Advanced Surf Class - $156 (+tax) for two hours

The class teaches how to take on steeper waves and how to do duck diving. It is recommended to either self-taught short board surfers and experienced long boarders.

SURFARI - $158 (+tax) for two hours and additional $79 per hour extension

Serious surfers in the intermediate and advanced level may avail of this private lesson if they want to master surfing.

KID LESSONS - $69 (+tax) for an hour and a half

STAND UP Paddle Surfing - $99 for an hour and half

Action Sports provide lessons, both on-site and online, for getting a better understanding of how surfing works. There are also in-depth lessons provided for those who want to become surfing instructors.

Big Kahuna Adventures HI

Big Kahuna Adventures HI is a top-rated surfing school in Maui. It offers private and semi-private surfing lessons that last two hours each, as well as kayak snorkel tours and equipment rental. Big Kahuna Adventures also offer paddle boarding lessons, which also come in various levels of expertise. Those who have already tried out surfing may want to learn paddle boarding, as well. It is one of the latest crazes to ever hit Maui. It looks like a fusion of kayaking and surfing, with its use of both a paddle and a surf board. Of course, the surf school offers surfing and kayaking, as well, to complete the range of Maui ocean experience.

The Benefits of Big Kahuna Adventures

At Big Kahuna Adventures, the learner has the advantage of studying from the very first surfing school in Maui. The company’s founders were the first ones to know the value of starting a surfing school. Big Kahuna is family-owned. So, it has the ability to provide warm and personal service.

Gear and Wear Shop and Rental

The site also has a store that sells all sorts of stuff, such as surf wear, sunscreen and the like. Even you go to Big Kahuna Adventures at 1913 S Kihei Rd #C‬, ‪Kihei, HI 96753‬ without any plans to surf, you could get swayed because all of the equipment that you need to start riding the waves are in the Big Kahuna store. Boards of all types and snorkel gear may also be rented out for the day. Visit to get hold of the company’s contact information. Send queries through the official website’s form or visit the shop to get to know the rental and sales prices. You may also try dialling 808-875-6395. Call from Mondays to Saturdays to make sure someone answers your call.

Surfing Lessons

The location of the Big Kahuna Adventures headquarters makes it compatible with assisting learners. The waters are semi-shallow in depth and the waves slowly break around the area. The annual temperature remains at or near 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Typically, a surfing lesson lasts around two hours. If you want to go over two hours, especially if you are mastering a move or if you feel you could benefit from additional hours, then you can just pay extra. Anyway, surfing rental is discounted after the initial two hours.

Afternoons in Hawaii are met with strong trade winds. This means that scheduling in the afternoons could be difficult or at least limited. Because of this, surfing lessons are usually scheduled during the mornings. The lessons usually start at either 8:00 am or 10:15 am and are available from Mondays to Saturdays. Interested learners will have to schedule their lessons ahead of time as the classes get easily filled. They can come along with friends, who with them can form a small class. As mentioned earlier, private and semi-private lessons can be arranged. Those who want private lessons may want to inquire through the abovementioned contact details on the costs of such lessons.

Maui Wave Riders

From the very name of the surfing school, there is already a fun and vibrant vibe. Wave suggests movement and riders suggests something active and rough. Maui Wave Riders is not as rough as it may want to present itself to be, however. It is actually a family-owned company that is focused in providing safe and fun surfing lessons that any member of the family will not likely to forget. Maui Wave Riders’ first school was founded back in 1997 by a guy, which instructors and learners have learned to simply call “Tommy”. Tommy has been surfing for more than 31 years, and has even been known to have ridden the largest waves of the Pipeline. Because of this and because he had successfully taught thousands of new surfers, he has been mentioned or even featured in a number of films and magazines that feature surfing.

Advantages of Taking Lesson at Wave Riders

Wave Riders is especially inviting beginners and people who are a little hesitant to try out the sport or hobby. While the surfing school does provide lessons to intermediate and advanced surfers, it specializes in beginners of all ages and sizes. Even non-swimmers are accepted in the school. Every person who signs up to Wave Riders will know how to surf after the duration of his lesson. At least, that is the guarantee provided by the surfing school.

The learner also gets to receive a diploma after going through the surfing lesson compatible to his skill level, receiving a mini-graduation of sorts. This does not mean that the learners get well-deserved attention after they “graduate”. As each individual learns, he is given much needed attention by one of the Maui Wave Riders’ instructors.

Tommy and his group of instructors are willing to take on beginners, young and old, and give them the right amount of attention to learn quickly.


Maui Wave Riders also offer paddle lessons and packages. However, we can always focus on what it is better known for – surfing. After all, if you know the surfing lesson prices, the paddling lesson prices are not going to be that different. In fact, they are mostly the same. The prices are good for a typical surf lesson duration, which is two hours. the prices already cover surf equipment, reef booties and a rash guard.

Group Lessons

If a learner works with a group of a maximum of 5 or 6 per instructor, he or she need only pay $60 (teens & adults) and $50 (children ages 8 to 12). Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to take part in group lessons for safety reasons.

Semi-Private Lessons

A semi-private lesson is recommended to couples or even to kids. Each instructor handles only 2 or 3 students. Each learner, whatever the age, needs to shell out $85 each.

Private Lessons

For those who prefer undivided attention, a private lesson is recommended. Learners of all ages pay $140 each.

Surf Safari

For learners who think that they want to go to the next level, as intermediate or advanced surfers, they can take on the Surf Safari lesson. Each person pays $275.


Maui Wave Riders is located in two addresses: 1975 South Kihei Road, Kihei, Hawaii 96761 (contact number: 875-4761)AND 133 Prison Street, Lahaina, Hawaii 96761 (contact number: 661-0003).

Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy

The Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy takes itself very seriously as one of the best surfing schools in Maui. Just check out the name. It makes use of the words “Royal” and “Academy”. The word “academy” suggests that learning is very organized in this surfing school. The school does assure people about its commitment to safety having mastered how to conduct surfing lessons since 1996.

Brief Background

The surfing school is owned by Kimo Kinimaka. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in terms of teaching surfing to all sorts of learners, including surfing instructors. His father figure image is pretty apparent in his style of teaching. The fact that he is a father of five makes it easier for him to exude that parental aura that makes learners feel more comfortable with him.

Basic Information

Interested learners can call from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm daily. For those who prefer the Lahaina location, they can call either 662-4664 or 276-7873. The surfing school address is 117PrisonSt, Lahaina, HI 96761 Cross Streets. For those who prefer the Kaanapali Beach location, they can call 357-8988. The surfing school address is 100 Nohea Kai Drive Lahaina, HI 96761.

Lessons already include surfing gear. They are, however, restricted only to people who know how to swim.

Why Learn Surfing?

You may already have your own reasons for wanting to learn how to surf. One of the main ones that should be considered is that it is one of the primary sports in Hawaii. What better way can someone truly experience the waves and the warm Maui waters?

Surfing Lessons

Surfing lessons are offered at the Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy, mornings and afternoons during the weekdays and mornings only on Saturdays. Lessons started at the following times: 7:45AM, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:00 PM or 1:30 PM on Mondays to Fridays and 7:30 AM, 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM on Saturdays.

It is best to pick the first class of the day if it is still available as the winds are lighter and the beach is less crowded. Everyone is also in peak condition.

The Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy offers surfing in steps:

- The first step is the Beginner’s Level. In this level, 4 to 5 students are assisted by one instructor. The level lesson is available to anyone who can swim, ages 8 and up. The cost is $65 per person, inclusive of equipment and tax.
- The second step/option is Semi-Private. Two students can work under the same instructor at each go. Surfing ability after the lesson is over is guaranteed or there is no need to pay for the lesson. The level lesson costs $190, inclusive of equipment and tax.
- The third step/option is available to people who want to go solo with their assigned instructor. The level lesson costs $130 per person, inclusive of equipment and tax.

- The fourth step/option is recommended to people who want to experience a new take of surfing by taking on stand-up paddle surfing. Cost starts at $75 per person.

Soul Surfing Maui

Soul Surfing Maui prides itself to be fun and youthful, though it has been around for fifteen years. It offers regular lessons that one would expect from a typical surfing school as well as overnight luxury surfing camps. The latter is not readily available in other surfing schools, which gives Soul Surfing some kind of edge. Instructors are also knowledgeable when it comes to CPR and first aid.

Surfing Packages

At Soul Surfing Maui, the learner can customize his surfing lessons according to his specific needs. Here are some of the packages that are available at Soul Surfing:

I – Regular Surfing Lessons

At Soul Surfing, surfing lessons are going on every day. Setups vary from small groups, where one instructor may facilitate and assist about five people or so. Private and semi-private setups are also available. The instructors are well-trained. In fact, owner and trainer Brian De Cook’s surfing programs has been featured in “Exotic Islands and Top Activities” on the Travel Channel. The Maui Boardriders’ Club has also declared the program number one. Not only are the surfing lessons designed to engage the student to learn quickly but the waters are warm and ideal for beginners. The environment is safe and tucked away from the crowd.

- A Private lesson costs $165 per person. Each student gets the undivided attention of the instructor.
- A Semi Private lesson costs $90 per person. Two or three students will be placed under the guidance of an instructor.
- Small group lessons cost $75 per person. There will be four or five people in a class.
- Customized Multi-day Surf Programs are also possible but the client should call for pricing first.

Beginners’ classes are conducted in South Maui beaches, which are found a few minutes south of Lahaina. Trademark Sunset Longboards, rashguards, wet suits and sunscreen are provided.

II – Overnight Luxury Surfing Camps

For those who want to immerse in the surfing life rather than just go through quick lessons, Soul Surfing offers luxury camps. These camps do not only involve intense lessons for beginning and intermediate surfers who want the fast track but also include the whole luxurious experience of staying in private accommodations overlooking the beach. There will be socializing with other people in the camp, through barbecues and dining. Those who choose to participate in the camps will also be treated by masseuses, experience video coaching and surfing photography, and go through other adventures, such as kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, boating and fishing. The best thing about these camps is that they are offered all year round.

Surf camps can be arranged as Adults Only arrangement or a Family affair. The five day camps run from Mondays to Fridays and cost $2500 person included. They include lessons on style, surf etiquette, wave selection and safety, and positioning. Guests can choose to go at a more relaxed pace.


It is best to either call or fill out a form online to reserve your chosen package, be it an introductory class or a full-blown camp. This way, you can be best accommodated at the time most convenient for you.