Getting to Maui

Have you decided to spend your vacation in the picturesque and breathtaking island of Maui? You definitely made the right choice by deciding to visit Maui. To get started, you must plan how to get to Maui.

If you find booking for flights and accommodations time-consuming, you may check out different travel agencies to help you. But if you are the type of person who wants to get into the details, by all means do the bookings yourself. You can get all the help and information you need through the Internet.

Traveling by air

You can definitely get to Maui by boarding an airplane bound to Kahului Airport. This is the major airport in Maui, which can now be reached by non-stop flights from Anchorage, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver. You may look into these airlines for non-stop flights to Kahului Airport: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and United Airlines.

If you cannot get a direct flight to Kahului, you can book a flight bound to Honolulu and board another aircraft that will bring you to Kahului. Hawaiian Airlines offers these flights for people coming from Sydney, Australia; Manila, Philippines; Pago Pago, Samoa; and Papeete, Tahiti. In the mainland, such flights can also be booked from Las Vegas, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Cleveland, Fresno, Monterey, and Santa Barbara. There are two other airports in Maui, which can be found in Kapalua and Hana. You have several choices to choose from when booking flights to Maui. From a variety of locations around the world, you can book a flight going to Hawaii.

Traveling by sea

On board a cruise ship can be another option to get to Maui. There are many varieties of Hawaiian cruises to choose from. The only disadvantage is that a cruise has a schedule to follow. You may not be able to spend as much time as you want in a specific place.

Once you are in Kahului, what’s next?

Getting around in Maui

Maui has so many towns to see. And each town has something unique to boast of. A visit in Maui will not be complete unless you get to visit all the must-see tourist attractions. In planning your trip, make sure that you make an itinerary which includes the specific places and schedules to get there. You must also know how to get from one point to another. Once in Maui, you can get to visit all the spectacular places by shuttle, ferry, tour bus, taxi, public transportation, or rent-a-car.


This is the best choice for you to really experience the beauty that Maui beholds. Car rentals in Maui are not expensive. And renting a car is less expensive than hiring a taxi to get from one place to another. Finding a rental car company in Maui will not be difficult. You can even check the Internet to be better prepared for your vacation. Just be patient because traffic can get congested sometimes.


As mentioned earlier, this can get very expensive if you plan to do it the entire time you are in Maui. The only advantage is that you won’t get tired from driving, especially if you get stuck in a traffic jam.

Public transportation

Maui’s public transportation includes the bus. This can definitely get you from one place to another at cheap prices, although this is not recommended if you are traveling with children or with a lot of luggage. You can get copies of bus schedules from many hotels.


You can also rent motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters. This is a good way to see the sights especially if you love feeling the wind on your face.

There are three major highways in Maui: Honoapiilani Highway, Hana Highway, and Haleakala Highway.

Honoapiilani Highway -- This highway runs between West Maui and Wailuku. Along the highway, you will be driving around majestic cliffs and along beautiful white sand beaches. You can take this route to get to Lahaina, Kaanapali, and Kapalua.

Hana Highway -- This highway is well-known as the “Road to Hana.” This 52-mile highway from Kahului will take you to the town of Hana on the eastern shore. Be ready to be awed because the view along the highway is spectacular. Also there are so many beautiful places to visit along the way. Some of these are the Twin Falls, Punalau Valley Falls, Waikamoi Ridge Trail, and the Ke’anae Peninsula and Village.

Haleakala Highway -- If you are going to Pukalani and Makawao, this is the road to take.

Now that you are all set to get to Maui and in the neighboring towns, when is the best time to visit?

Season and weather

The good news is that there is no bad time to visit Maui. Why? Because Maui weather is usually pleasant. The rainy months are between October to March, but the rains are never harsh enough to stop the tourists from getting to experience the island. All year-round, the waters here are quite warm. Tourists can surf all year long. Waves get bigger on the north shores during winter, while waves in the south shore are bigger during summer.

If you plan to experience whale watching in Maui, visit from November to April. The peak season for whale watching is February wherein tourists get to see lots of whales in the ocean. Arrival of tourists also peak during summer vacations, spring break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you plan to visit Maui on these dates, be sure to make reservations for activities and accommodations ahead of time.


When planning your vacation, be aware that several offices and businesses will be closed during holidays. Aside from Good Friday and Easter Sunday, below are the other holidays observed in Maui:

January 1: New Year’s Day
Third Monday in January: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday
Third Monday in February: President’s Day
Last Monday in May: Memorial Day
July 4: Independence Day
First Monday in September: Labor Day
Second Monday in October: Columbus’ Day
November 11: Veterans’ Day
Fourth Thursday in November: Thanksgiving
December 25: Christmas Day