Fun and Exciting Sporting Activities in Maui

If you have always planned on visiting Maui, you should know that there are a lot of things to do in this interesting Hawaiian island. Among them are a range of sporting activities and recreational pursuits, which will make your stay in the island more unforgettable. Of course, lounging in a white sand beach and sipping frozen pina coladas is always fun when you're in Maui, but this picturesque island offers much more. The island of Maui is beyond beautiful shorelines and magnificent waterfalls. Any outdoor enthusiast will most definitely enjoy a wide range of sporting activities, which can only be described as world-class.

Whether you love water sports, such as swimming and scuba diving, outdoor sports, such as horseback riding and golfing, or even boarding sports, such as kite surfing and wake boarding, you can always follow your sporting pursuits, even while on a relaxing vacation. This island is more than just a beach lover’s haven; it is a mecca for outdoor fanatics as well.

A brief overview of Maui

Maui, together with Oahu and Honolulu, is one of the most visited Hawaiian Islands. Tourists and retirees are coming in from the US mainland, Canada, and even from international locations. Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii, and is also the 17th largest island all over the United States. The island experienced outstanding growth in 2007, and now features some of the most sophisticated beach resorts, luxury hotels, and sports centers, including top-notch golf courses all over the world.

The primary tourist areas are located in the Western and Southern parts of Maui. Ka’anapali, Lahaina, Napili-Honokowai, Kahana, Napili, and Kapalua are the main destination areas located in West Maui. As for South Maui, you might want to check out the towns of Kihei and Wailea-Makena.

Maui boasts of more than 320 days of sunshine annually, although brief showers are frequent. These climatic conditions make it ideal for any visitor to enjoy the best of the island outdoors, since Maui is home to beautiful white sand beaches, lush rainforests, and world-class marine life. Water-based sporting activities are frequently offered to tourists and travelers, given that approximately half of Maui is located within 5 miles of the coastline of the entire island. Outdoor activities like biking and trekking are popular as well, with various biking tours and hiking activities offered to adventure enthusiasts.

The best outdoor sporting activities in Maui

* Golfing

The island of Maui has more than 20 public golf courses, so a visit to this island is certainly any avid golfer’s paradise. Of these 20 courses, majority of them are up to international championship standards, making Maui a foremost golfing and vacation destination. You can also watch golfing tournaments on the island, as Maui is host to the PGA tour season opening Mercedes Benz championship.

Any amateur golfer will also be pleased to discover that golfing lessons are offered on the island as well. Need to brush up your golfing skills or learn the latest techniques while enjoying the sunny climate of Maui? Golf teaching professionals are prepared to give you more than the basic lessons in this well loved outdoor sport. It doesn’t matter whether you are a golfing pro or a beginner. In Maui, golfing activities will always be a pleasure.

* Tennis

If your passion is in tennis, then going to Maui will surely give you more than just the average vacation experience. Tennis courts and tennis clubs can be found in Maui, from the Wailea Tennis Club to the Kapalua Tennis Garden. Most of the resorts and luxury hotels in Maui offer wide-spaced tennis courts and even tennis lessons to amateur players. If you are vacationing in Maui for a considerable period, you can even join a tennis organization for a reasonable fee. This allows you to play at any of the tennis facilities provided for by the tennis organization.

If you are vacationing on a limited budget, you can take advantage of the many public tennis courts located in Maui. The first-come, first-serve scheme applies, however, and you will only be able to play for 45 minutes when other players are waiting. Private tennis courts are available in most hotels and resorts all over the island, if you seek more convenience. Tennis tournaments are held all over Maui, so you will never run out of any tennis-related things to do.

* Cycling/biking

Planning to explore the breathtaking landscapes and seascapes of Maui in a less conventional way? Why not engage in a bike tour and get a more expansive view of this beautiful Hawaiian island? There are many guided bike tours all over Maui, with different itineraries. All of these bike tours are guided by certified professionals so you know you are getting the best out of the experience.

In the eastern part of Maui, you will find the Haleakala National Park, where downhill bike tours are offered to adventurous souls. Cycling group tours are also available, where each participant is treated like a part of a professional cycling team. If you don’t want to take part in guided tours but wish to explore Maui through biking, there are many road bike rentals available. Rental prices may vary, so make sure you choose the arrangement prefect for your budget and other requirements.

Other outdoor sporting activities

You will never run out of things to see or do in Maui, and these include outdoor sports and activities that allow you to get a fresher perspective on the island. Planning to discover the island from one location to the next while riding a motorcycle or an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)? Motorcycle and ATV rentals are available in select rental shops in Maui.

If your idea of outdoor fun is riding on horseback while seeing the sights of the island, you can visit the ranches and stables of Napili, Makena, and Lahaina. A perfect excursion for the entire family, horseback riding is one exceptional way to discover the rainforests, valleys, and pineapple fields of Maui.

Rock climbing and hiking trips are also available on the island. You may choose from the waterfalls and rainforest hike, Haleakala Crater hike, or a combination hike involving kayaking and snorkeling. Maui valley and mountain hikes are also offered. Cave adventures are ideal for any rock climbing enthusiast.

While waterproof vests and refreshments are typically included in the hiking and adventure packages, hiking participants still need to follow the prescribed clothing and safety guidelines. Reservations are also necessary, while group bookings are highly recommended for these hikes and adventure tours.

The best water sports in Maui

* Snorkeling

If you’re raring to experience the best of what Maui has to offer, you have got to try snorkeling. Whether you’re planning to explore the famed Molokini Crater or the diverse underwater life right within the beach near your hotel resort, Maui can offer you some of the best snorkel trips worldwide. There are snorkel trips ideal for the whole family, so your kids can enjoy exploring the sea life of the island as well. Most of these packages include breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the trip.

* Scuba diving

Scuba diving enthusiasts will find a wealth of underwater destinations in Maui, famed the world over for its diving hot spots and breathtaking marine life. Many dive shops offer a selection of packages, ideal for both beginner and professional level divers. Molokini Crater, Maalaea Harbor, St. Anthony Wreck, and Coral Gardens are just a few of the popular diving spots all over the island. There are diving packages ideal for children aged 4-12, at more affordable rates than standard prices. PADI dive programs are offered to anyone who wishes to obtain Open Water Diver certification.

* Surfing

Maui is also one ideal destination for surfers. With the incredible yet gentle breaks on the island, any beginner or pro surfer will appreciate the good-sized waves, which are typical in Maui. If you are passionate about longboarding, you may head to the Southern or Western parts of Maui. Interested in learning to balance atop a surf board while riding the exhilarating waves? With the many surfing schools situated on the island, this will never be a problem. If you already know the basics of surfing and you want to practice your skills on your own, you can always rent a surf board for a reasonable fee.Our Maui Surfing page has all the information you need about Maui and surfing. From surfing locations, surf schools, local knowledge and much more.

Other water sports in Maui

Although scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing are a few of the more popular water sports in Maui, the list doesn’t end there. Most of the resorts, hotels, and diving shops on the island offer a range of exciting water activities such as wind surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, paddle boarding, kite boarding, kayaking, and canoe paddling. If you love fishing, Maui is an excellent place for deep-sea fishing, too. On-shore fishing is also offered by some resorts in ideal fishing locations. Whether you’re into simple water sports, such as swimming and jet skiing, or into more extreme varieties, such as windsurfing and kite boarding, the island of Maui has enough offerings to give you that pure, unadulterated, adrenaline rush.