Lahaina, Maui

Saying that there’s never a dull moment in Lahaina is no exaggeration or marketing pitch. The town has several interesting attractions and activities for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and interests.

Water Activities

When you say Maui, beaches will surely come to mind. And why not when it is home to several of the best and most scenic beaches in the world? You will not run out of things to do on the beaches of Maui and not the least of those are the exciting water activities you can indulge in while there. Aside from swimming, the beaches of Lahaina have several spots where you can also do surfing, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. And if you prefer a more romantic activity, you can just go for a stroll along the beach while looking at the coastal view and waiting for the world-renowned Maui sunset. Lahaina is second to none among the islands of Maui when it comes to water activities.

Some of the beaches that you can go to are the Ka‘anapali Beach, D. T. Fleming Beach Park, Kapalua Beach, Launiupoko Beach Park, Napili Bay, Puamana Beach County Park, and the Wahikuli State Park.

Most of these beaches are considered among the best beaches in America and have been given acclaim for being such. Most of them offer the best spots for snorkeling, surfing, and swimming. On whatever beach you go to, you’ll be treated to the best coastal view and a breathtaking Maui sunset.

Whale watching

As Lahaina is an old whaling port, naturally, one of the things you should do while there would be to watch these whales in their natural environment. You can easily see them from the Lahaina Harbor, especially during the winter months. If you really want to see these giant water mammals up close, you can always go to the harbor and sign up for one of the whaling tours offered there. Whether you stay on the harbor or join the whaling tour, you are sure to get a glimpse of the humpback whales in Maui.


If you want a good round of golf at a challenging, yet scenic course, then Lahaina has many of those for golfing fans. First on the list would be the two golf courses found on the Kaanapali Golf Resort. The golf courses that you can find there are the Royal Kaanapali Course and the Kaanapali Kai Course. These two courses offer different levels of difficulty and are set against two different but equally fascinating back drops.

If those two courses don't satiate your craving for golfing fun, you can always drive up to the Kapalua Golf Club and try out their courses. At the Kapalua Golf Club, you have two more courses to choose from: the Bay Course and the Plantation Course. From the names themselves, you can have a good idea of the views that you will see from each course. Another thing to note about the Plantation Course is that it hosts the PGA Tour season-opener, the Mercedes-Benz Championship. So, if you want to play where the pros play, you really have to pay the Kapalua Golf Club a visit.

Exploring local history and culture

No trip is ever complete without an exploration of the history and culture of the place. And for Lahaina, you have several places where you can do just that. Lahaina is included in the National Register of Historic Places, so you have plenty of historical places to explore and discover. First is the town itself. Lahaina is once the capital city for the Kingdom of Hawaii, and was a whaling port and a plantation settlement. Because of these, you can still find several buildings and other remnants of how life was like during those eras. You can take your time visiting these historic sites by going through the Lahaina Historic Trail. This is a self-guided trail, so you can go fast or slow depending on how you want it. Also, while a guided tour is also enjoyable, a tour of a place on your own holds its own kind of excitement.

For an interesting glimpse of how Japanese culture influenced Hawaiian culture, you should visit the Lahaina Jodo Mission. There, you can find one the largest Buddha statues outside of Asia. Standing at 12 ft and weighing about 3 ½ tons, the statue is truly magnificent and awe-inspiring. And what is also surprising about the place is that it’s an exact replica of a Japanese Buddhist temple. It is also quite interesting to note that the area where the temple stands is more Japanese than Hawaiian.

For more of the local art scene, you should go to the Banyan Tree. The tree is noted for its size. In fact, its branches cover an area equal to a city block. But probably more amazing than the size of this tree is the display of art works that you will find under its branches twice a month during the local arts festival. It is a very good opportunity to get a good view of local life and culture as depicted in the art works displayed under the shade of the Banyan Tree.

Still on the arts, Lahaina is also noted for its many art galleries. Here, you can see different local artworks, from paintings and sculptures, to ceramics and jewelries. You should also find several souvenir items in the area, and also get to talk with the artists themselves who will gladly tell you things about their craft. In that way, not only will you have a great shopping experience, you would also gain understanding of the Hawaiian soul.

Shopping and dining

Any vacation would certainly involve shopping and dining. And for those, Lahaina has just the places for you to visit.

We already mentioned the art galleries as great places to shop for authentic Hawaiian artworks. Aside from those, you should also head to the Front Street where you can find most of the shopping and dining establishments. For dining, one of the things you should not miss doing is to dine at a luau. You have two of the best luaus in town to choose from: the Old Lahaina Luau, and the Royal Lahaina Resort Luau. These luaus would present you with a feast of Hawaiian delicacies, while also treating you with native Hawaiian dances and entertainment.

Another place to grab a meal from would be at the Lahaina Harbor. Get the freshest produce from the sea while also enjoying a great view of the ocean. And if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the humpback whales that frequent the shores of Lahaina.

Other places you can visit are the oceanfront resorts. These resorts have several in-house restaurants and dining places, so you can explore and take your pick among them.


Of course, weddings are a favorite activity in Maui. Nothing smacks of romance more than a wedding on the beach. There are several scenic beaches where you can hold your wedding in, and for a hassle-free planning, you can get one of the marriage planning services in Lahaina to take care of the details. Weddings are already memorable in themselves, but you can make it extra special by holding that wedding along the scenic and romantic shores of Lahaina. Just think about it: the Maui sunset, the sound of the beach, and marrying the one that you love; it certainly presents a memory for a lifetime.

With all these activities to do in Lahaina, there really is no dull moment. Whether you want to grab some water action, challenge your golfing skills on the fairway, or learn about the local history and culture, you can be sure that Lahaina has locations where you can do these.