Pro Hawaii Travel Tips

How to Survive the Long Plane Ride

Hawaii is known around the world as one of the most beautiful and exciting places on the entire planet, which is why millions of travelers visit the islands every year. While there is a lot of information about enjoying yourself once you have arrived in Hawaii, there isn’t much available about how to actually get to Hawaii still feeling fresh and full of energy.

Most people choose to fly as their transport method for getting to Hawaii which means they will have to endure a very long day of traveling and dealing with airports. Obviously, the actual flying time from your home to Hawaii will vary greatly depending on your location. However, there are very few people that live close enough to make it what would be considered a short trip.

Flying Time to Hawaii

If you are flying from the western side of the United States your time in the air will range from five to seven hours, in most cases. If you are beginning on the east coast then get ready for twelve plus hours in the friendly skies and from Europe, it will be twenty hours or more. It is important to note the approximate times mentioned are assuming your route is relatively direct with only one or possibly two quick connecting flights. If you are trying to save a little money and opt for a plane ticket that has multiple connections with lengthy waiting times, then it is easy to double the travel time involved.

The actual time in the air is just the beginning of the real time it takes to get from your origin to your destination. Making sure you are properly packed, traveling to the airport, checking in for your flight and traveling to your hotel in Hawaii add a considerable amount of time. Using some very rough estimates the additional time involved with the activities mentioned can easily add another five hours to your day, maybe even more.

While Hawaii is a fabulous destination and well worth the long trip, enduring a long plane ride and a long day of dealing with airports is certainly not much fun. Many people experience mild or even severe jet lag after a long flight which can take several days to recover from. Spending the first few days of your long awaited holiday feeling tired and in recovery mode is not the way most people envision spending their dream vacation. However, there are some precautions you can take that will help you avoid jet lag, helping you feel refreshed and full of energy upon your arrival in magnificent Hawaii.

Jet Lag

If you are not familiar with jet lag and perhaps Hawaii is your first long journey, then it is important to understand what jet lag is. Jet lag causes a disruption with your internal body clock and causes you to feel tired and makes it difficult to sleep. Between a long day of traveling and transferring through several time zones, your body can have a difficult time adjusting and leave you with very little energy left to enjoy the beginning of your holiday. In severe cases, jet lag can make you feel sick causing headaches and even nausea.

Pro Hawaii Travel Tips

Hawaii Travel Tip #1-Get and Stay Fit

There are many great reasons to get in shape and exercise such as losing a few extra pounds, but did you know being in shape will help you avoid jet lag too? While jet lag will probably not be the primary reason someone begins to exercise, it is important to know that staying in shape or getting fit will help fight off the effects of jet lag and help increase your overall level of energy. Before your trip, exercising for even a few minutes a day for several weeks can provide excellent defense against feeling like you have zero energy upon arrival in Hawaii.

Hawaii Travel Tip #2-Adjust Your Current Schedule

Hawaii is five hours behind the east coast and ten hours behind London. Part of your body negatively reacting to a long trip in the air is dealing with a significant change in time zones. You can reduce the effects of changing time zones by starting to adjust your schedule before your trip. Depending on the requirements of your job, it may be easy for some and more difficult to do for other people.

However, if you do have some flexibility, then beginning to change the time you wake up, go to sleep and complete daily tasks a few weeks before your trip can help. If possible, start using Hawaii time several days or weeks before your holiday and let it become a natural schedule. That way once you actually do get to Hawaii the time you feel like sleeping and the times you are most alert will come naturally.

Hawaii Travel Tip #3-Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can have all kinds of negative effects and spending many hours in airports can make it easy to get dehydrated. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your trip and make sure you consume water on the way to the airport. Most airports will not allow you to take water through the security checkpoint. However, once you are through security then make sure you buy a large bottle of water at one of the airport shops. Consuming plenty of fluids and staying hydrated can be a big factor in feeling good and boosting your energy level.

Hawaii Travel Tip #4-Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol both cause dehydration. Caffeine is a stimulant which can disrupt sleep schedules and your body’s natural state of being alert or feeling like it is time to sleep. It is best to avoid drinks that have caffeine or alcohol a couple days before your holiday begins. Flying with a hangover is no fun and caffeine can make it difficult to deal with the change in time zones.

Hawaii Travel Tip #5-Mover Around and Stretch during Your Flight

It’s no secret that the seats on airplanes are generally terrible unless you happen to be flying first class. Staying seated in the same position in a cramped area for many hours can make your body feel awful. It can make you stiff, make your joints ache and tighten the muscles in your legs and back. It is important to get out of your seat several times during your flight and move around. Do not hesitate to walk up the down the aisles of the plane and find a small corner near one of the galley’s where you can do some small stretching exercises.

Staying active during your flight and stretching several times while you are on your way to Hawaii can make a big difference in how you feel upon arrival. It will keep your muscles loose and your body feeling good.

Hawaii Travel Tip #6-Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

There is no reason for “dressing to impress” at the airport. In fact, even if for some strange reason you are trying to impress others at the airport, the chances are good nobody will pay any attention anyway. Therefore, wear comfortable clothing for your day of travel. Comfortable shoes and other clothing that make it easy to move around and easily keep you cool and warm depending on the environment of the plane is important.

Hawaii Travel Tip #7-Avoid Stress

There is no bigger use of your energy than stress. Dealing with a high degree of stress the day before or day of traveling to Hawaii can make you feel terrible and needlessly use a lot of your energy. Be prepared ahead of time, arrive at the airport early and avoid stressful situations. Make a conscious effort to set your schedule so you can stay relaxed and take your time traveling to the airport as well as checking in for your flight.

Hawaii Travel Tip #8-Medication

If you have a medical condition or know that you have a difficult time sleeping in new situations, then a trip to the doctor before your trip may be in order. It is important to talk with your doctor and make sure any medical conditions you are dealing with are taken care of in terms of necessary medication. Additionally, your doctor may be able to suggest a sleep aid which will help you to sleep on the plane and upon your arrival in Hawaii.

Hawaii Travel Tip #9-Bring a Book

Bringing a book or two along for the long plane ride can be a great way to escape and pass several hours that only feels like several minutes. If it has been a while since you have picked up a book, then have a look around and find a copy of something you have wanted to read but just haven’t had the time. Reading a book or even two books while on a plane can easily pass six or seven hours in what will feel like a very short period of time.

Hawaii Travel Tip #10-Bring a Tablet and Connect

Tablets and laptop computers are very small these days and easy to carry. Additionally, you can buy one for under $200 in many cases so they are very affordable as well. Bringing a tablet so you can browse the internet on the plane and while waiting in the airport can keep you entertained and easily pass the time. Most airports and planes offer Wi-Fi so getting connected shouldn’t be a problem. If you a bit “techie” you can also use your mobile phone as a router if you can get internet through your phone service provider.

While traveling to Hawaii is a long trip, it is well worth it to enjoy all the amazing things the islands have to offer. Following the ten tips above will help you enjoy your day of travel more and arrive at your final destination in Hawaii feeling energetic. Most people get very few chances to enjoy Hawaii during their lifetime so when you do get the chance, make it count!