How to Get to Waikiki Honolulu, Oahu

Getting to Waikiki shouldn’t be difficult, as Honolulu is the travel hub of the Hawaiian Islands. The Honolulu International Airport has an average traffic of over 21 million airline passengers in a year, with flights going to and from other countries, the US Mainland, and other destinations within the Hawaiian archipelago. The airport, which is 9 miles away from Waikiki, is served by approximately 23 domestic airlines and 16 international carriers. Among those with daily flights to Honolulu are Qantas Airways, Korean Airlines, Air Canada, Japan Air Charter, American Trans Air, Air Pacific Airways, Delta Airlines, Air New Zealand, JTB Aloha Service, Rich International, Continental Air Micronesia, United Airlines, Philippine Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, China Airlines, American Airlines, and NorthWest Airlines. It is also the nest of Hawaiian Airlines, the Hawaii-based carrier with one of the largest fleets. If you’re planning a trip to Honolulu, it would be best to book your ticket online. Not only is it more convenient. It helps you pay less as well, because most carriers offer bigger discounts to those who book and buy tickets online. Before you buy the ticket, make sure that you compare airfare rates, especially if there’s more than one airline with regular flights to Honolulu from where you are. As the Honolulu International Airport is located at 300 Rodgers Boulevard, it would take only a 30-minute drive from the airport to Waikiki.

Driving to Waikiki

As you arrive in Honolulu International Airport, you’ll find a wide variety of options for transportation. To make the most of your Hawaiian getaway, it would be best to rent a car, especially if you intend to move around the other neighborhoods in Oahu. AA Aloha Cars-R-Us comes with high recommendations from Frommers, Fodors, and the Hawaii Visitor & Conventions Bureau (HVCB). You may check out to see the availability of the type of vehicle that you want, to compare rental rates, and to make a reservation. Driving yourself allows you to have more freedom and mobility. You’ll find car rental companies at the airport or you may also reserve a vehicle in advance. You can ask car rental agents for driving instructions to your hotel or better yet, print out more specific directions from your hotel’s website or Yahoo! Maps before your trip.

If your stay in Waikiki is going to be short, and you’re not quite sure if you’ll have enough time to explore the rest of Oahu, then just take a cab from the airport. Tourist attractions in Waikiki are practically walking distance from the beach, so the only things that you would need is a pair of flip-flops or comfy shoes. Anyway, there are plenty of car rentals in Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu, so you can change your mind anytime. If you want to give your travel experience an added oomph, you can go for mopeds which are also available from these rental companies. The feel of the wind brushing against your face as you ride from one site to another is an experience in itself.

Transportation tips

Although taxi and limousine services are available at the airport and in hotel driveways, keep in mind that hailing a cab on the street is not standard practice in Hawaii. Also, if you go for the limo, you can get it cheaper if you travel in a group. If you’re traveling by yourself, make time to talk story (Hint: local slang similar to “small talk”) with other guests. Who knows? Your itineraries might match, and you can split cab or limo fees with them. From Waikiki, you can also take the public transit system if you wish to see other tourist attractions in Oahu. The local transit is called The Bus (surprise, surprise), and a single ride fare costs $2.25. A visitor adult pass good for 4 days is also available at $25. It is often not the most efficient ride, especially if you don’t have time to kill, so if you’re not renting a car, make sure that you check its website ( regularly for rider alerts, and any changes in the rates. Keep your eyes peeled for detour announcements and changes in The Bus schedule, as getting sidetracked can be a total bummer if your tropical island holiday is not that long.

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